Wellness Wednesday: Dry Brushing for Health

I would love to start dedicating my Wednesday posts to something Wellness related because I love sharing tips, tricks and info I’ve gained through the years but mostly because it has a beautiful ring to it .

For this Wellness Wednesday, I would like to focus on one of the most simplest, effective and inexpensive things you can do for your body and health.


 … and yes, i took this photo on a bed of my house wheat grass 

In a nutshell, Dry Brushing is the process of brushing your skin, preferably before a shower with a dry brush.

Why would we want to do that?

Right below your skin is a whole network of blood vessels, capillaries, fat, lymph nodes and other fluid based systems.  They are working hard to circulate through the body, but sometimes our lifestyles and the toxins we have stored in our body will hinder our bodies from doing a really good job.

 Dry brushing will . . .

Help drain your lymphatic system

Re-Circulate old or stagnant blood 

Move toxins out of fat cells to be eliminated by the body

Exfoliate dead skin

Starting at the feet and legs, use small brisk strokes always moving TOWARDS the heart.  Concentrate on areas on the back of the legs and butt as well as areas where your lymphatic system is concentrated such as the groin area, armpits and the glands on the neck.


This only takes a few minutes and feels refreshing and rejuvenating, especially in the morning.

You can purchase a dry brush at any drug store for about $5-6 dollars or you can purchase one online. Make sure you get one with a long handle and a medium bristle. Too soft won’t do anything and to hard of a bristle may be too harsh you’re your skin. Dry brushing is done right before showering and once a day. Make sure you wash your brush once a week with soap and let it dry thoroughly.

Personally, when I am on point with my brushing, I feel more awake in the morning.  The biggest difference is in my skin.  After about 3 weeks of consistent dry brushing, my skin is more clear, radiant and a lot more even, especially on my legs and back side!

Dry brushing is also a daily task of the Lifestyle Jump Start!

Have you ever dry brushed before? 



Losing 10lbs Every Year + Keeping It Off

I’ve been having a great time plugging away at the ground work for this years Lifestyle Jumpstart!

This year, things will be a bit different during the program for a few reasons . . .

  • More people are joining along.  This is great! I am excited to have more people in my “boat” that are going through the same challenges and also progressively feeling amazing as time goes on. It’s a bonding and educational experience that also will keep me super accountable because I kind of created it.
  • I can be selfish. This might be one of the only positive things about my temporary husband-less life. He is incredibly supportive of all my health ventures and crazy experiments and last year it was fun to find things to do and places to eat that fit in with the program, but this year it’ll be all me!  The free-time that I would be spending with him will be spent taking photos, writing recipes and chapters and doing more experimenting in the kitchen.  By the time he comes back, I will be a completely renewed version of myself.
  • I will start out weighing less . . .  again

Lets take a side note on this one. My weight and health has always been something in my life that I thought about constantly.  In fact, my life revolves around health whether its positively or negatively. My relationship with my weight is ever changing but the constant is that I tend to carry about 10-15 more pounds than someone my height “should”.  (that’s a topic for another day).

Through the years I have been losing and gaining the same amounts of weight and that only changed when I started tipping the scales close to 180 pounds shortly after moving out to Hawaii. Although I did beat myself up a lot, I also started ACCEPTING it instead of fighting it.

One of my most popular posts was about this very time.

Once that happened, things SLOWLY started to change.  I took charge and did my first cleanse to wipe the slate clean.  The program I developed really forced me to take care of myself in many ways and it was not too long before 10lbs released and never came back.

I was happier, I felt better and I also feel like Losing Weight with Happiness definitely had something to it.

By the next year, more of my life fell into place and once I did the program again, I was ANOTHER 10lbs lighter which was pretty much amazing since I didn’t actively “try” to do this with a strict program.  I was simply more happy, I ate better most of the time and I tried my best to free myself from negative thoughts about my self-esteem which is always a work in progress.

When I was chatting with my husband about this years program, he made an observation that I can’t believe I didn’t make . . .

I am starting the program this year ANOTHER 10lbs lighter . . .

30lb Weight Loss


Now, I don’t know how much my body will continue to do this before it’s at its comfortable size (whatever that may be), but this is really really interesting stuff to me. When all is said and done, 10lbs is a LOT of weight to lose and keep off regardless of what your “standard” as every BODY has its own set of them.

I am happy about the fact that I didn’t throw myself into a black and white spiral of shaming and drastic measures to get here as per my usual formula that it took me YEARS before to figure out it doesn’t work.

Gain Weight > Panic > Take Unrealistic, Unattainable Measures > Fail > Gain More = Less healthy in body + mind.

Is it possible that this is the healthiest way to get to my best self?  And can it be the way for others?

Whatever the case, this realization has me incredibly charged up to share everything I can about what I’ve done and how I can keep improving myself in many ways.

12 days until the Lifestyle Jump Start begins!