{work outs} WE 4/6/14

Things were looking a bit shaky but I managed to keep up with last week!



  • Daily Burn Core Workout
  • Daily Burn Yoga Workout


  • SHRED Level #1


  • 2 mile walk


  •  15min Daily Burn Tabata


  • OFF


  • Manoa Falls Hike
  • 45 Min Body Boarding


*I’m having a rough time this week with my body image.  When I get so immersed in being healthy, old habits creep back in and I end up comparing myself to others and what I once was. The good thing is that I am making gains.20140406-181633.jpg

The bad thing is that working out has made my appetite soar (along with PMS and water retention) and so I appear bigger and weigh more than I did a few weeks ago. Things came to a head this week when Mike and I went to pick up bathing suits real quick before heading to the beach.  The problem is that there are very few bathing suits that flatter my shape whether I’m in shape or not.  We tried a few sizes and kept going up to the point where I just cried because I felt I let myself down.

It’s hard to admit these things when plenty of people tell you how good they think you look or how they wish they were my size but what I’ve learned is that we set our own standards and while positive comments help, you are the one that has all the power.

My first thought was to go on another 5 day juice cleanse but I don’t want to use cleansing as a quick fix.



So I decided instead to push off the detox for about 2 weeks before we visit NJ and spend this week doing the pre/post cleanse care package that we are developing at Blue Tree. Also, since I did not do my 1 day fast last week, I plan to fast 2 days (Monday and Friday) and I know I will be feeling great by the time we have our little weekend getaway.

* Buddhi Yoga – So I took a yoga class with some friends and I LOVED IT!  It was a mix of yoga, dance and cardio.  I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I did much better than I anticipated.  The instructor was great and I loved having a “thing” to go to with the girls.  This will become an every Monday night thing for sure.

* Manoa Falls- last week a friend and I hiked Aiea Loop this week I knew I wanted to hike but was not sure when it was going to happen. We had a pretty chill night on Saturday so I was up bright and early Sunday morning to go to the falls with Juliann.


Its a short hike but the incline definitely gets your heart rate up and nobody was there that early!

* Body Boarding – after our hike, I came home and we made breakfast for our roommate and some friends that stayed the night. It was really nice to have people over.  We love hosting things, even if its a quick meal! Anyway, we decided to go suit shopping (see above) and then head to Bellows Beach to finally use our new body boards.  The waves weren’t intense but we spent 45 minutes in the water hauling ourselves around and caught some decent rides in.



After that we took a trip to whole foods and dropped $75 on god knows what.  A perfect day though.

My goal for next week is to make it better than the last.  It’s definitely a busy one but it should be much easier to manage if I take care of myself well.

Achieving Work-Life Balance in 5 Steps

I’m a fan of Tim Ferris.

He’s the dude that wrote the 4-Hour book series (chef, work week, body etc.) which is basically books about crazy experiments he did to come up with life hacks.  Although some of them are extreme, I follow him because he is always finding interesting blog posts.

Like this one . . . How to Achieve Work Life Balance in 5 Steps.

The post goes through things in more detail but it all boils down to this . . .

  1. Everything is not equally important. Do fewer things and do them well.
  2. Decide what your values are — and which ones take precedence.
  3. Do the things that get disproportionate results.
  4. Focus on the things only you can do.
  5. Do the important things which must be done now.

In my life, more and more roles and tasks added to my plate every single day.  Sometimes I feel like I can take on the world and sometimes I make the joke that I just want to have a “brainless” job and work part-time. But, I know deep down that is not what will make me happy.  Well, it will make me happy temporarily but then I would quickly get bored and want to expand my mind once again.


1.) Everything in life is not equally important. Do fewer things and do them well.

True.Story.  So what is important? I could obsess about how the house is cluttered and constantly work on it.  Or I could figure out something more important like . . . how to get married in the state of hawaii.  Same thing for work.  I shine in organizing, recipe development, design and a lot of administrative tasks.  So something like payroll or scheduling can be done by someone who can do it BETTER and that its more IMPORTANT to.

2.) Decide what your values are, and which ones take precedence.

Work used to be number one almost always.  But my situation now is much different.  We are slowly creating a family and developing our career at the same time.  Because I need to BE more, I find that I take care of myself more.  Here are my priorities in order as of late though sometimes Self slips down the list and career moves up.

  • Self
  • Family/Friends
  • Career
  • Fun

3.) Do the things that get disproportionate results.

I LOVE this one.  Basically, it means do the things that have the most impact.  I could wake up at 4am every day, get to work and bake but it makes more sense for me to spend those hours working on a project that will organize the company for the future.  Another example is that our website has been down.  I found that many people were landing on balancing val that were looking for cleanse information.  Even though I had a ton of things to do that day, I made my focus developing a landing page for my blog.  Taking that time out made a BIG impact as there are at least 15-20 people or more per day searching out this information and now have a place to get the jyst of it before deciding it doesn’t exsist.

4.) Focus on the things only YOU can do.

Another great one. I like to consider myself a special breed with a lot that I can do.  Jack of lots of trades, master of none.  Through this concept I’ve developed a lot of unique skills that have come to light and that I am using in my life fairly often.  Your natural gifts are what you should lead with.  For instance, one of our managers is amazing at networking and talking to people.  And I am amazing at designing content for us.  So, when it comes to more customer oriented tasks, we have them lead the way.  And when it comes to creating something we need, im on it.  It also works at home.  Mike fixes ALL the things, I create budgets.

5.) Do the important things which must be done now.

Makes sense, but this does change on a daily basis.  If a bill is due that day, its on the priority list.  Those “things” range in importance on a daily basis as well.  Here are the things that are most important to get done.

  • Fully train staff before leaving to open up Blue Tree Miami
  • Create guides for NEW staff at Blue Tree Miami
  • Book flights to visit both families this summer.
  • Figure out all the things that need to be done and all the paperwork that needs to be filled out when marrying someone let alone someone in the military
  • Keep improving my health

I tell everyone that I gave up a lot of my life to work.  I withdrew from social situations and things that I probably shouldn’t have for fear it would all go away. The thing is, there will never be a time where you have everything done. Being busy will always be something that is a part of me.  As the blog post explains, its important to not let it overwhelm you or control you.  You have the control and can decide at anytime when enough is enough.

I know that in order to be successful I must build my personal life INTO my career now instead of waiting.  This means taking some unpaid time off.  Allowing myself to have fun.  Unplugging when necessary and enjoying the entire ride by looking back on how far I’ve come and being damn proud of it.

What is your stance on the work/life balance?