Balancing Val

{video} Moving Adventures + NEW Apartment Tour | Honolulu

Hi friends!

This weekend we moved into our new apartment.  It was a weekend of ups, downs, soreness, strength and everything in between, but we’re finally here and ready to enjoy the place that we’re going to be riding out our last 1.5 years on the island.

Here is a video of our moving adventures including a tour of the apartment.


{video} Whale Watch Cruise | Honolulu, HI

Life is about to get super crazy for the both of us.  We have a move on the horizon and we both are leaving for business for a good chunk of Spring.

Even though we’re busy and tired and whatever excuses we can come up with, we’ve made an effort to keep doin’ stuff and enjoy the shit out of the time we do have together.

Last week, I posted our hike up Diamond Head crater video.

This weekend we took a whale watch cruise on the star of Honolulu ship and it was a good time.  The whales are actually much closer than they appear and look much more majestic in real life than  on video.  Either way, I definitely recommend it to anyone on island during whale season.