Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 18

The good thing about needing only 6 hours of sleep a night is that I get two extra hours in my day.  The bad thing is that they get filled with overwhelm.  But good overwhelm!

This morning I woke up fairly early after a deep sleep post yoga class and used that time to get some stuff done.  I didn’t actually eat anything because I rushed out the door full well knowing that this was going to bite me in the ass later.

Like clockwork, I started feeling draggy around 8am and took a break an hour later to enjoy a super food smoothie outside.


Work ended fairly early which was good for me since I had some errands to run.  I drove to the post office in my old neighborhood only to find ZERO parking in the shopping center.  I don’t really have patience for parking so I left to head back home and started to get ready for an event.

My friend Danielle asked me to demo a soup for a Home for the Holidays event that the Junior National League was having. 15 girls living in a shelter were brought to enjoy food and some motivational talks.


I made the soup, did a super quick demo and then walked around for a bit enjoying life. Hearing other peoples stories about their lives and where they are in life makes me feel incredibly blessed for everything I have.

The soup went over well.  It was INCREDIBLY basic and chock full of vegetables.  A few said that they never eat vegetables but really enjoyed it.


My eats for the rest of the day contained a small portion of indian food, potato chips and gluten free toast with vegan butter.

IMG_5322.JPGToday was definitely not my most balanced day but I realize now how important it is to have ready-to-eat food on hand that is healthy and can be made in minutes in order to stay on track.  I LOVE cooking and making meals for myself but my lifestyle also involves me being really busy sometimes and pre-packaged vegan gluten free meals (such as the indian food) are really helpful and that’s just the way it is.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day at work but once I get home I will have the afternoon to myself where I will be able to hopefully cross some more things off my to-do list and roll that into a day off on Thursday.

Day 18 down!  Very sleepy . . . bedtime.


Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 17

We’re on the home stretch!

Unfortunately, I am feeling like the last few days are not like the glorious ones before it.  It could be because my schedule is PACKED this week with so many random projects and to-do lists.  I have a 6 day in a row work stretch, so that probably is making it a little crayo too.  I get some relief on Thursday when I will have time to prioritize things instead of putting out fires.

Today actually started last night.  Before I went to bed, I pre-made a super food smoothie that looked like sludge but had some amazing stuff in it including: maca, chia, vega sport protein, blueberries, green powder and peanut butter.


I really thought it would lose all of its appeal and just be so gross having it sit overnight but it was perfectly fine and a good start to the day which was really busy and included making 30 healthy bento plates and then delivering them for a customer.


This had half a curry chicken wrap, beet salad and kale caesar salad.

I must admit that I had a few bites of matcha mochi that had dairy and egg in it. I let too much time go by before taking a break to eat something and when that happens, disaster strikes and my body craves sugar and makes bad choices.

The good thing is that Michelle and I grabbed a few groceries and some lunch at a health food store near our drop off.  We split two vegan and gluten free sandwiches.  The bad news is that the gluten free bun was NOT gluten free even though they insisted it was. I later looked at my receipt to find they indeed charged me for the wrong burger with a wheat bun.


I am grateful to have these options at any place, but we did each eat 1/2 of the bread we were given and chalked it up to an experience in balance.  These are the things we are going to face post cleanse anyway so might as well learn how to deal with it.

When I got home I spent a short amount of time resting before I popped out of bed realizing that I have an event where I will be a guest chef and all of the things I thought I could push off until tomorrow after work, I couldn’t.  So I dedicated all my hours to my laptop and got shit done!

At this point I am bloated and feeling larger than usual.  It usually happens about 10 days out from that time of the month so when I checked my app, sure enough I am about that amount of time out.

As exhausted as I am, I am getting my butt to yoga tonight and sweating it out before another long but fun day ahead!