Wellness Wednesday: Supplements + Super Foods Video Blog


Remember when I told you I was going to try my hand at vlogging?  Well, I spent a little too much time in newbie vlog land trying to get my old channel organized and figure out youtube.  I did make this video that does not have all the fun editing and sounds and bright lights but in the name of diving right into things that scare me, I am going to put an obviously imperfect video blog out anyway.

The Lifestyle Jump Start is only THREE DAYS away!  I’ve had some awesome feedback on the program so far and cannot wait to get started.  During the program, there are a few supplements and super foods I am going to use so here is a little bit more information about them and why I use them.

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vlogging, military wife-ing + fitness

Been a while since I’ve done a post like this, but how else do you randomly dump things you want to say in a post without having a rhyme or reason to it?

Staying Connected - I’ve been major distracted in such a good way during my temporary husband-less life but there are times where I really miss him.  This feeling is compounded by the fact that I can’t even really talk to him and email communication seems to be down. We decided before he left to make each other a series of notes and gifts to open at different times so that we would be able to stay connected and have small things to look forward to to help pass the time.  So far I have opened one of my notes and one gift which he “scheduled” for the first night he was away.  It happened to be a comfy set of my favorite VS pajamas.



I wrote him a bunch of adorable notes and attached pictures that I printed from my phone of the past few months so he could look back on memories, have some good laughs and really look forward to when he gets home. I also had to pack some other small gifts including his birthday gift into a tiny bag since he will still be out during it. I’m definitely loving this and can’t wait to open my next “ration” on Halloween!


My Active Lifestyle – Since I am doing a mock week of the Lifestyle Jump Start, I decided to do as many things as I can that are part of the program and this includes working out. So far I’ve been able to get to TWO buddhi yoga classes and had one amazing jog that set the standard for all the jogs thereafter.

My weekly plan going forward is …

  • 1 Buddi Yoga Class
  • 1-2 Beach Walk/Jogs
  • 1 Weight Lifting Session
  • 1 Hike

I get a lot of energy lately from my almost daily shots of home grown wheat grass.


And I also make sure I am not eating on an empty stomach but not a full one either.  This banana “sandwich” does the trick.


Vlogging (video blogging) - It’s been a long time since I shot any video blogs.  If you dig deep about 3 years ago, you can find one I made a few days before I moved to Hawaii and one really sad awkward one about a tour of my very tiny 200sqft apartment I was living in at the time.  So many things changed since then and I am ready to start sharing the things I’ve learned on a different level.  I find that sometimes it’s easier to talk about things than write about them, plus I love feeling that personal level when I watch vlogs.  In fact, I watch vlogs more than I watch TV now!

I am currently down a rabbit hole of figuring out how to film, edit and get my youtube channel back on track but it looks like I will be vlogging from my ipad until I can make it a habit enough to talk to husband about buying a camera and some equipment if it starts getting to be something that works for me.  I know myself too well and hope it’s not just a fad.


I officially have 7  days until this years Lifestyle Jump Start begins.  I still have so much to do so I can get things in order for those who want to follow along.

  • Finish editing daily and weekly checklists
  • Make grocery list with some recipes
  • Finish bare bones draft of book with JUST enough info
  • Possibly start facebook group to join everyone together
  • Email out the first (really) rough draft of something I hope to become an ebook one day!

If you would like to be on the email list for when I send it out, please comment with your email address below or send me an email truefoodspeaks@gmail.com or message me on facebook or instagram!