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IEW – Saturday #1

**This post is part of my Intuitive Eating Weekend. Join myself and Maria at LaPiattini as we post our eats this weekend while trying to refocus on eating Intuitively.**

Today I felt much better. I may have actually slept and I really didn’t have that scary nervous feeling in my gut upon waking. Chris and I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes. I was craving something dense and heavy as I didn’t really eat much yesterday after the debacle.

I didn’t get a good snapshot of breakfast. I only ended up eating 2.5 pancakes with a large glass of almond milk.

Those suckers were FILLING!

Obviously, they weren’t filling enough because we ended up having a 2nd breakfast anyway!

Let me explain . . . .

Our good friend and his family are opening a bagel shop in walking distance of our house.

They invited us over to test out some samples and have some coffee! No way we were passing that up . . .

I was happy to be able to use my new camera to get some good shots for them. They even want me to take the photo that will be used for the advertisement they use at the movies in our area on the big screen. How cool! 😀 don’t be jealous Dad.

Also, when I’m settled into school a bit I will be selling some baked goods there and may even teach some cooking classes! Not getting my hopes up just yet though.

Jordan sent us home with some bread which I froze for later use 😉

I am FULL. It’s nearly 5pm and I haven’t eaten since then. I will say I am very dehydrated though.

Tonight, after some laundry ill be heading out to play bingo with our friends!

We are all in our 20’s . . . I swear :roll:

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One Response to IEW – Saturday #1

  • Caroline says:

    OMG!!! Bingo is way too intense for me…I’m not allowed to go any more LOL!!

    I can’t wait to go try that bagel shop out. I’ll have to get us some breakfast on Monday morning.

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