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Balancing Money – NOVEMBER Update

**Before I begin, I am starting a special project with Balancing Money that can feature YOU! If you are reading and have saving tips, spending tips, success stories . . . anything that has to do with saving money, please email to find out more and how you can contribute!**

Well, November has come and gone VERY quickly! This was an odd month for money as school started smack in the middle and there was and still is a lot of adjusting going on.


YES . . . this is a LOT of money, but let me explain. $1021.22 was some extra money that I took out of the loan. I took more than I needed just in case of emergency. I fully plan to use that money to give right back to the loan or even use it to pay for my bills while I am doing my internship so I dont have to work.

The $500 was money that I had left over after my bills were paid. The ONLY reason I have this is because of a VERY generous gift of cash that my parents gave me to help start me out (thanks Mom and Dad!) That money went to the purchase of my knives, uniform, umbrella and the rest went to commuting.

I fully expect to have much less in there for the month of December and for now on as my hours at work are a bit less and I will not be getting chunks of money from anywhere.


There was no money taken out of this account this month for any reason. But, I also was loosely following my allowance as it has not been a full month of school.


This month has had a ton of variables. It was not a normal month for this to start so things are not in any kind of balance yet. I also think that next month will be full of variables too as the holidays bring money spent on gifts and my brakes are squeaking and my tires are getting worn hmm….. so we shall see how it goes!


If you have been reading, I planned to give myself a $20 allowance per week to spend on “life” things. Right now I am technically in my first week of doing this and I have ~$3 left over already 😮 Here is an example of this weeks spendings . . .

  • $3 on a tall soy misto at Starbucks
  • $12 spent on lunch with Caroline
  • $3 (saved) to spend on another tall soy misto at Starbucks on Sunday
  • ~$2 in change

Lunch was impromptu (but well worth it) and I obviously wont be doing this every week.

As far as the Starbucks, this very well may be something I do twice a week as I go into the city early and just hang out and relax. Its something I am growing to enjoy.

How did YOU do with your money in November? Anything crazy happen that broke the budget?

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One Response to Balancing Money – NOVEMBER Update

  • We did go over budget this month (we bought a new dining table, a necessity because we don’t have one and I’m going to refuse to eat on the couch when we move to our new place). I’m hoping Christmas doesn’t break the bank when it comes to presents.

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