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The Day Of Segment

Today, I am playing hooky from school for the first time on . . .


(just wanted to mention that date)

Believe me, I really don’t want to, but another huge snow storm is headed in both states I will be traveling in and one of my worst fears is being stranded stuck in the snow . . .


Ok, well there are much worse things that can happen, but that is in the top 3 on my list for sure!

We are really getting into the groove of cooking and learning how to make simple dishes special with the flavors and seasonings of nature. This is a big reason I don’t want to miss today but it safety first!

Speaking of special . .

I think that food should be special as often as possible.  Whether it’s a good spice or seasoning you may not have tried before, or the way its arranged on a plate.  Or the even the type of dishes and placemats you use to present it.

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It can even be a new way to eat something!

For instance, I love the taste of oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits but I really don’t like the white pith that wraps every segment.  Its bitter and the texture is not for me.  I know it has nutrients and fiber, but I would much rather do without it.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.  A solution I am so happy to have learned as it has renewed a spot on my grocery list for oranges and grapefruits . . .

Cut Your Citrus Fruit Into Segments Or Suprêmes

This method of preparing citrus lets you get the juicy segments of the fruit without the chewy white or clear pieces.  I put together a rough tutorial on how to do so.

You may have seen this on a cooking show, or you may have seen citrus fruit in the supermarket already segmented swimming in a sea of juice that has obscene amounts of sugar added to it.  Do it yourself instead. . . you’ll love it!!

Oh, and the band aid?  That’s from the burn I got in school . . . No time to wait for healing!!

To do this you need a sharp knife.  Preferably a chefs knife AND a paring knife.  You will also need a piece of citrus fruit (duh!).  I chose a grapefruit.  Make sure you wash it!


Start buy cutting off a slice of the top and bottom so it can stand up for itself! My citrus is very independent!


Once its standing up, slowly slice off the skin removing as much as the white as you can without cutting into the fruit too much.

Trace the outline of the fruit like a backwards C . . .


Turn the fruit towards you as you remove the rest of the skin.066


Now pick up your naked fruit and your paring knife and get all the white parts off you may have missed.068After that its time to cut out your segments!


Start by holding the fruit in your non cutting hand and slice a line along the edge of the segment.  Try to get as close as you can as you do not want any of the chewy covering on the segments.

You also don’t want to cut into the fruit all the way as that’s where you will hit more pith and the seeds.  The goal is to pull out the juicy meat and nothing else.


Here’s where it gets a bit tricky . . .

You need to now cut the OTHER side of the segment.  While you are doing this, you need to turn your knife a little bit to the right to release the segment.  So its kind of like a slice down and twist move.

As you can see, things get juicy at this point so BE CAREFUL OF YOUR FINGERS!!

If done right, the piece will pop out easily . . .


Repeat all around the fruit until all the segments are out.


That’s pretty much it!!

You could eat them straight up, or throw them into salads!

I like to put them in a bowl and put them in a bath of juice.

You could even use the juice for dressings and marinades . . . I hate waste


However, I have a more rustic approach . . . called shoving them in your mouth and drinking the juice out of the bowl.

Ever hear of it?


ENJOY! Winking smile

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4 Responses to The Day Of Segment

  • Leslie says:

    Oooh! So glad i found your blog–I’m in the process of learning to cook and look forward to reading about some of the things you’re learning and trying.

    I took a cooking class recently (at a private cooking school), and was excited to learn to section fruit. One of my favorite desserts now is sectioned orgnges macerated in a little Grand Marnier, with a few dark chocolate shavings on the top! Yummm!

    • Val says:

      Thanks for reading, girl!

      I want to share as much as possible so stay tuned 😉

      That dessert sounds really good! Dark chocolate and orange is an excellent combo.

  • Very informative… I’ll try this next time with oranges.

    And I’ll admit to practicing the Rustic Approach with kiwi… i.e. peeling them and eating them at the sink.

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