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Dining Expectations

Today was a full day of errands. It started with waking up at 4:52 am to blasting music coming from upstairs. I swear, I don’t know what this guys deal is . . . (or what he’s deal-ING) but I can’t take much more of this noise!

I headed to work for a few hours. Came home, did some dishes and headed off to my parents to wash my dirty chef uniform. Mom and I went out food shopping for a few things we needed.

By the time I got home, it was 4:00 pm and I was out of it. I started getting a weird headache and I also felt some congestion creeping up. Not again!

I lied on the couch for a bit and listened to relaxing music app and ended up falling asleep for a half hour. I feel much better but now Im paranoid.

Chris got home and we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant that we have been wanting to try for years. We debated going for a while since we just went out to eat, but I figured it would help my mood and I also planned on keeping half of whatever I ordered to pack up for tomorrow.

WORST meal in a very long time. I get really upset when I have a bad meal. Especially since I feel like I’m doing a good thing by not spending my money in a chain restaurant. I won’t get into details, but I embarrassed Chris pretty bad. He said I’m becoming too much of a critic. Maybe I am getting snobby about my food these days but I guess it goes with the territory.

I just gotta stop getting so upset the times it does happen.

Now I’m home and I just finished packing my food for tomorrow.


Overnight oats with chia seeds, bananas and almond butter in an old empty Earth Balance container.


Salad on a wrap with garlic hummus.


Daisy girl apple.

I didn’t pack dinner this time. We have a 6 hour class on Fin Fish tomorrow which I’m sure will result in a nice meal. Last week I ended up throwing out my millet burger because I was full from all the poultry!

Bedtime is soon . . . Gotta prepare for the rain :(

What did you do today? Do you get upset when you have a bad meal at a restaurant?

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3 Responses to Dining Expectations

  • Lori Lynn says:

    I went to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for the first time. I rather enjoyed myself. Could have spent soooo much more! :-)

  • Johanna B says:

    I do get upset it I get a bad meal in a restaurant. I hate to waste money. I usually ask to speak to the manager and explain what the problem was. They usually comp the meal or give me a coupon for a return visit free (why I would go back to a restaurant where I got bad food is beyond meO,

    • Val says:

      I never say anything. I do however get really mean and obnoxious.

      I just wasnt feeling it. I know I cant expect every meal out to be golden, but it would be nice 😉

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