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A Cruel Joke

I couldn’t help watching this cruel joke unfold for the past 3 weeks.


Here is a picture of the sky at approximately 6am at the train station 3 weeks ago.


And then a week after that . . .


And another week after that . . . AKA  today.IMG_2925

So let me get this straight . . . I wake up at technically 4am for class and it got darker?

                             NO FAIR!! Crying face


I zonked out on the train and headed to my Starbucks for some caffeine. When I got to class we were all excited to see Lois because she brought in bagels and cream cheese.  Why? we homemade Lox or Gravad Lax out of the wild salmon from Fin Fish Class last Sunday by curing it with salt, maple sugar and dill. 


I had lox for the first time ever today on a multi –grain bagel with veggie cream cheese and thinly sliced red onion. I had half.


Not Bad!!


The rest of class ensued as we spent a lot of time working with, cooking and eating shellfish.  I’ll recap tomorrow . . .


After lunch which consisted of some seafood dishes from shellfish class (recap tomorrow) and the other half of the above bagel, I snacked on this RAW granola bar.



I wouldn’t say I love it, but the millet as the main “holding grain” gave it a very different flavor.


After finally finishing up with the shellfish, we had a menu planning class and left class when there was still daylight out.  I know it evens out but I love complaining I guess.


I had a serious hankering for chocolate.  I think my body was craving sweets because of all the salty fish.  I headed to Trader Joe’s with Sam and made a serious dent on the train ride home.


                                         (huge dent not pictured)

I’ll admit, it really does feel like an hour earlier which is why I somehow have the energy to blog. 


These next two weeks are going to be more busy than any other so far.  This week I have . . .


* A cook tech/knife skills test

* An extra shift at work on St. Patty’s Day

* A vegan menu to plan with Amy by Sunday

Oh yea, plus all the other fun things life entails . . . food shopping, dishes, cleaning, laundry . . .


*must stop complaining*

*must pass out in bed*

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2 Responses to A Cruel Joke

  • The texture of lox totally freaks me out. But if you say it was good…maybe I’ll give it a chance 😉 That brand, Two Moms in the Raw, is local (well, local for me of course, heh). They have samples at our Whole Foods all the time. Some I have liked others I, too, shrugged at. Meh. The granola is pretty delicious though. Go get some sleep!

    • Val says:

      I agree, the texture is kind of . . . fleshy but I didnt mind it with the cream cheese. Plus the salmon was of really good quality so I didnt have so much of a mental block with it.

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