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Calling Out

So . . .

I didn’t go to school today.

I woke up in horrible pain!  70% of it was of the monthly variety and about 30% was from a few hours of this during our trip.


I also had a little issue with my vehicle resulting in a very nice pullover at midnight after school last week.  Apparently my registration was 6 days late *gasp*

The police in NJ now have this scanner which alerts them when your registration is expired so its now giving them a whole new reason to nab ya!

I just got a warning but my car was illegal to drive until I got things straightened out with my title to get everything up to date.  This was a MUST DO! IMG_3185

My list of other things to do is also pretty heavy and it makes me wonder how and when I would get these things done if I did go in today.  In hindsight, it wasn’t probably the best decision, but there’s no turning back now so I plan to make it worth it. Plus it kind of feels good to continue the break.


Chris and I got back yesterday from the Poconos and had an excellent time!  A photo re-cap is on the way but for now, its time to eat a normal breakfast…


(eggs, ezekiel toast, 1/2 home made cinnamon toast crunch muffin, coffee)

. . . . . And get to work!

Do you ever have “take a day off” remorse?

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