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Balancing Money: MARCH 2011 Update

I’m a little late on this post.  Truth is, I wrote it up a week ago and emailed it to myself.  When I went to post it, I accidentally deleted the content!


New Readers:  I started the Balancing Money series as a way to document my journey to save as much as I can while in school to hopefully knock off a big chunk of my hideous student loan in the future.  Along with money tips and musings, I also post a monthly update.  Here are the ones you may have missed!


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Ok, I screwed up this month and because of this blog, I cant hide it!  March was a BUSY month for me with no days off from work and the working the Friday Night Dinner at school.  It also happened to be the month that I got my tax return in. 

Little Time + Extra $ = Bad Money Balancer



I ate a lot of meals out, I bought things impulsively and the worst part is that I did some of it because I felt like I “deserved” it for being so busy.  In fact, I didn’t ONCE take out my weekly allowance.  Even so, there is good and bad news in this update.


Debits – $950

* $300 – payment to credit card for random things like my whole foods shopping spree, my dr. visit in Jan and all of my sick stuff like, vitamins, humidifier ect.


* $400 – anniversary trip to the poconos.  I mentioned this in my traveling budget post and I in no way feel guilty about spending this money.  In fact, I owe you an update on how I did!


* $250  – heres the “bad”.  random meals out, kindle books, more food shopping sprees ect.




Transfers – $1000

Yep!  I cant believe it either.  I am very lucky that this was tax return month and that I didn’t do so much damage that I was able to transfer a good chunk in.  I do know that this is a VERY uncommon month and that probably wont happen again for a loooooong time.




Well, I am at a crossroads here.  On one hand, I realize that when I put a big restriction on myself, I end up wanting to spend more (like my former eating habits!).  On the other hand, I found out that I will be losing a chunk of hours from work each week that I cant make up.  And I cant make it up because I may be working somewhere on my day off . . . for free (deets coming).  So I have to make sure I re-work everything AND still allow myself some wiggle room.  Good news is that I know its possible and the motivation is strong!



Also . . .

Christie recently posted a list of books she was reading and one of them was a new Geneen Roth book that I hadn’t even heard of called Lost and Found.  Its about her losing 30 years of her retirement money in the Madoff scandal and how through that, she noticed some shocking things about herself through her relationship with money.  A lot of them are painstakingly similar to the ones with food/eating/dieting as well.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy another book, but I made an exception for this one.  I am a few chapters in and I already have had a few A-HA! moments.  I may review it on the blog too!


Here’s to a GREEN April!!


Do you go on spending binges when you restrict your spending?

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