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Pie In The Sky

Welcome to Pastry Practicum! 

Last Sunday CTP 194T got to work on some pie making. There were a list of sweet and savory pies we could choose from.  I chose the labor intensive Shepard’s Pie.  It was kind of a nice break to actually chop vegetables again as we all have been so involved with sweet making. Plus, I wanted to play with mashed potatoes.


We used seitan instead of ground beef and I’m not a fan of that stuff, so I passed on trying it but I heard it was good.


Oh, and I also made this pie too!


Just kidding . . . it was Amy.  Here’s proof!


Sam really liked hers too . . . I think?


Here are some other gorgeous creations . . .







Ever made a pie from scratch before?

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2 Responses to Pie In The Sky

  • McKella says:

    I made pies from scratch for Thanksgiving last year! I’d never done it before and I’ll probably only do it for the holidays, but it was fun. I made a standard pumpkin pie and apple with a lattice top. They both turned out great but my apples sunk a little bit. I’ve also made shepherds pie too, but without the crust, in a casserole dish and with the mashed potatoes globbed on top. Not as pretty as yours!

  • Caroline says:

    Those look AMAZING!!! Not sure that I would have tried the Shepard’s Pie either. But that cherry pie better watch out…I’m coming for it!!

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