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Kale Fail

Yesterday, I ate very unusually.  In fact, it’s the most unusual its been in a very long time.


Gluten Free Bagel w/Butter

Strawberries & Mangoes

Kale + Beans & Rice

Then . . .

Spoonfuls of coconut sorbet

1 Plain Hamburger Patty

2 King Sized Chocolate Bars


Ok so the first start of the day wasn’t so bad, but it became blatantly obvious that my body was having serious cravings for something.  Something sweet and something dense.  I wanted something that was going to sit in my stomach and fill that hole that only a specific craving can.  The chocolate helped and then when I got home I was craving red meat like nobody’s business.  Because I’m cutting down on dining out, I had Chris make me a burger and that REALLY helped.

My “sources” (aka ipad app) tell me that this unusual day of eating is due to my monthly gift which makes a whole lot of sense.  The weird thing is I ate completely intuitively.  I never felt full once and I only felt a tad bit guilty but that feeling passed. I guess my body was looking for something and found it.  I just wanted to share because although I am training to be a natural foods chef, things aren’t always perfect!


Speaking of not being perfect, I also haven’t exercised in a while unless you count frantically running to the train for 10 blocks with 40lbs on your back.  I have used nothing in my arsenal lately and its kind of pissing me off!  I cant get motivated.  Do I just hate exercise that much?  Maybe I need a swift kick in the right direction.  I asked Chris to help me.  It’ll work right?  I mean he looks pretty tough drinking soda from the bottle . . . hah!


I decided to give up on my Kale Chip recipe for the summer.  I tried 3 times already and although the results are edible, they end up getting all wilty way to quick which is directly related to the humidity in this apartment.  See ya next season crunchy cruciferous . . . .


In case you didn’t know, I plan to come out with a line of t-shirts that have natural food/health in mind.  I cant really give too much detail because there is  a lot of work to be done that I have not quite figured out yet.  However, I did get my first concept and graphic drawn up (by me!) and I am feeling a bit self concious about it.  I don’t think it appeals to a lot of the people I have been showing.  I get the . . ..


“ooohh that’s cute . . .?” 


. . . . with an uncertain smirk. 


I guess this is what you deal with when you create your own dream.  I just have to stand for it no matter what people say.  Anyway, I have gotten to the testing phase and today I will be getting the graphic ready to be printed on iron on transfers to make samples before I send them to the local printer.  Its kind of exciting and scary at the same time!


For the rest of today, I refuse to have a day like last Thursday with all them emotional breakdowns.  We have some business to do at the bank as well as the food store.  I need to stock up on some healthy essentials that have been missing here.  Maybe iI’ll ask my coach to go for a walk.


Did you ever have an idea for something that didn’t sit well with others?  A career change, business idea, relationship?

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12 Responses to Kale Fail

  • Yes, this past year of being in business for myself has proven to be trial and error. What people want and what they don’t. Ideas bombing and ideas I didn’t think would fly be completely love by my people. But, what I have also learned is that the truer I am to myself, the more my people want what I offer.

    • Val says:

      I guess I’m in fear of it bombing. I think it’s such a cute idea but what if other people don’t? All this time and energy put into something that people end up not understanding is scary. Its like a blow to your true self if you really believe in it.

  • Kate says:

    I think designing a t-shirt would be fun. Even if everyone around you aren’t impressed by the design, I bet your fans will love it!

    • I was about to say something similar in reply – if you are doing what feels true to you – it is just a matter of finding your people. The people who get it. You don’t have to “sell” anything to the people that are your people. I used to get really caught up in people unsubscribing from my newsletter/blog or potential clients not being a good fit – but when I made peace with those people just not being my people, it feels very different.

      In a nut shell, I agree with Kate. Your people are gonna love it. People who aren’t your people are never gonna get it anyway so no point in stressing out about them!

    • Val says:

      True! in the end, its just a bunch of t-shirts right? Ill wear them if nothing else 😮

  • Mom says:

    Omg! U had 2 kingsize chocolate bars! We need to contact the nestle quick bunny, and do a chocolate intervention on u :0)

  • McKella says:

    I get that scary, “what if nobody likes it?” feeling a lot! I’m thinking of doing some major MAJOR changes to my blog, and I’m not sure if it will go over well with my readers, but it feels right to me and I feel like these changes will be true to who I am NOW, and that my voice will really come out.
    Good luck on your designs! I’d love to see pics if you want to email me, if you don’t that’s fine too. I’m just really curious to see what you’re up to!

  • Be bold! :)

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