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The Real Jersey Shore

Today Chris and I took a trip to the REAL jersey shore.  I’m not saying that there is a fake one, but I do think outsiders have a skewed view of this state.  Mostly the fact that the beaches are filled with orange skanks, ridiculous looking “italian” men and red solo cups filled with cigarette buts and used forms of birth control. Well, actually . . . there are some places like that around here.  But a real local knows where to escape the stereotypes.


Although we both have lived close to the shore all our lives, we aren’t really beach people *gasp*.  I know people would kill to live 10 minutes from the beach, but you know what kills too? The sun on our ghostly skin.  Plus we don’t like the humid heat so much.  We still try to make a few trips every now and then.

We set up shop . . .


Read and relaxed . . .


And sort of made it into the water.  Right now there are these weird jelly fish like things in the water called salves (or something like that).  They aren’t harmful.  In fact they are very environmentally friendly because they clean up the water.  But these dudes are EVERYWHERE!



I heard someone say that the ocean feels like swimming in pool of tapioca.  I also heard someone say that it was just hair gel of those “italian” men that washed off.  We tried swimming for a bit, but it was just too weird.


Here are our beach bodies. . . . Here is mine anyway.  Chris told me to take his picture off the blog Embarrassed smile


I’d be lying if I told you that seeing my picture didn’t make me want to dive head first into a bag of salad and start running 17 miles. I doubt that something that crazy would ever happen but I did get those really insecure obsessive diet driven thoughts in my head.  I got over it for the most part.  I’m stronger than that now.  I know what I need to work on and I know how, and I am.  It just has to be at my own pace.  Not the pace that’s set by workout programs or media standards or even a lot of bloggers.  Its mostly inside work and I continue to make progress every day.  A year ago, I would NEVER even think of posting a picture of myself in a swimsuit for the world to see but here I am . . .

We maxed out at 3 hours like always, but we had a good time. No solo cups, no skanks, and no tan!


How do you feel when you see an unflattering picture of yourself?

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18 Responses to The Real Jersey Shore

  • Caroline says:

    I have many unflattering pics of me and many are from the beach!! But I embrace them and then dump them in the recycling bin. Off to the beach myself…book in hand and no solo cups.

  • Before I even read your text below, my first thought was that you looked hot! Seriously.

  • McKella says:

    You’re a brave woman! You look great by the way, but it takes guts for anyone, especially someone with a history of body image issues, to post a picture of themselves in a swimsuit! Awesome!
    I used to get that “Diet! Now!” feeling when I saw unflattering pictures of myself, but now I try to understand what’s unflattering about them. If it’s just my body, oh well. My body isn’t “perfect” and it never will be, and not everyone can look like a movie star all the time. I have lots of pictures I haven’t scrapbooked yet from my trip to Florida in January when I was overweight and very unhappy, but the unhappy part is harder for me to look at than the overweight part. Unhappy always turns into overweight for me, not the other way around.

  • Mom says:

    What beach was that? U Look marvelous! Are jellyfish gluten free?

  • Maureen says:

    you look awesome! i am horrified of my body right now and wouldn’t dream of being in a picture! i’m a hot mess!

  • The animal you are thinking of is a>salp. Have great summer!

  • Kate says:

    You are one hot mama!

    Last week was the weekend of the swimsuit argument. I’m friends with people who have never not had a swimsuit (or used it) and are boggled that I don’t have one. In fact I’ve never had one since 7th grade and I’m freaking out about feeling obligated to get a swimsuit.

    • Val says:

      Aww, thanks!

      I say don’t get one if you don’t want one, especially if they trigger bad feelings. Friends will understand :)

  • Theodora says:

    1. You look hot in your bikini!
    2. I saw those little dudes at the beach this weekend, too. I also saw two big dead jellyfish–gross!

  • Look at that waist!! Smokin’

  • Anne says:

    Major kudos to you for posting your beach picture! As people above have pointed out, you look awesome. Right now I’m at a point where I avoid cameras and don’t look at pictures that people take of me, so I hope I can develop your confidence (even if it is accompanied by some insecurity).

    Also, um….I ate one of those jellyfish things once. Or something very similar. I was in high school on a Student Conservation Association trip, and we were hiking along the beach in Virginia, and some of us were feeling adventurous. They’re chewy and salty, but not in a good way.

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