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It’s No Joke . . .

I know enough about blogging to realize that posting something meaningful on a weekend, a holiday weekend nonetheless is not a good idea.  So I shall resist the urge and post about some random stuff.  We like random right?


1.) SEO Is No Joke! – I have been doing my research on search engine optimization by listening to a few webinars and finding some helpful information through iPad apps.  I have gone back and tweaked some of recent posts and I am blown away about how its working.  For instance, my last post is getting a lot of traffic from the information about the jellyfish on the jersey shore beaches.  (A scientist blogger commented to say they are called salps, not salves (thanks!))


Of course, its perfect timing because everyone travels here this weekend but that is part of the game.  The crazy part is that I am seeing the same or more traffic numbers on days that I don’t even post! I’m getting obsessed with these lil robots . . . or robutts  as Mom calls them.


2.) T-Shirts Are No Joke! – I have been working really hard on my t-shirt collection and I hope to debut my first design at the Healthy Living Summit.  My t-shirts aren’t promoting Balancing Val but they will have something to do with my future business that I am creating.  I had a breakthrough on the design yesterday and I think I am ready to send it out for printing.  I want a small amount to keep here at first to sell or do giveaways just to see how everyone likes them.  So I went on all the shirt design websites for kicks and I’m finding that these online design shops do not use Adobe graphics, and the ones that do are EXPENSIVE!!  I really don’t want to pay $27 for a t-shirt without profit.  I don’t want YOU to pay that either. I know it’s a 4 color design but jeez! My next choice is to go local to a screen printer to see if I can get them for cheaper. Hopefully I can or I am not sure how I’m going to afford to get into this venture. In the meantime, anyone know any online design shops that let you upload adobe illustrator graphics?


3.) Body Odor Is No Joke! – I have posted before about how I have body odor smell in my shirts.  Despite how many times I wash or what expensive detergents I use  nothing is working.  I consulted the Google gods and found that spraying the pits with a white vinegar/water solution before washing will help dissolve it.  So I sat on the floor and sprayed all my shirt pits.  If it works, I will be so happy and not have to throw away shirts so often.  If not, I will be smelling like the worst salad ever . . . watch out  Caroline!


4.) Mold Is No Joke! – I am a big believer in re-usable water bottles.  I have been using the big Nalgene ones for years now and cant complain.  Every month I will soak them in a solution of bleach and cold water to kill the bacteria and clean them out well.  For some reason this guy had spots of mold on the bottom.  I tried digging a sponge at the bottom and using a knife to scrub it but the spots didn’t come out.  Not sure if you can see them.


I’m a little upset since this one has been with me for a while but I guess its time to get a new one at target ($10).


Looks like a rainy day here at the shore which must be pissing people off to no end!  I will be doing a lot of random things today and tomorrow but I will be back soon enough with a FOJ recap!


Lots I want to know . . . .

Do you have BO in your shirts that doesn’t come out?

Have you ever had mold in your water bottle?

Do you use any SEO techniques for your blog?

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8 Responses to It’s No Joke . . .

  • Ha. I actually just published a really intense post. I had to do what I had to do.

    Anyway, I always use vinegar in the wash. You don’t even have to go through the trouble of spraying the close. Just dump some vinegar in the with the water, I do this with our workout clothes. Also, putting fresh lemon juice under your arms will kill the odor causing bacteria. Works better than any deo around.

    And yes, I use SEO.

    • Val says:

      Lol! So funny because after I posted, I ventured to your blog and went . . . Shit!

      I’ll insert my foot in my mouth there because I know sometimes you just gotta post whenever you get that feeling.

      Thanks for the vinegar tip. Ill let you know how it turns out.

      Do your clothes smell like it after being washed?

      • I actually still struggle with posting at a time that is going to work for other people. And the thing about it is, my blog is about me. Yes, I do go into it knowing that it is going to impact others but ultimately, like I said in todays post, I gotta do my own work. And that happens on holiday weekends, too. And if I hold the post back until a time that gets more traffic, then I just stay stuck in that old way of thinking.

        No, the clothes have never smelled like vinegar – they always just smell clean. If something is super funky, I do the soak cycle with the vinegar in the water. I just add it to the water while the machine is filling up. I don’t measure it but if I had to guess, I would say a cup. I buy the huge jugs at costco and just leave it in the laundry room.

  • Isn’t it funny how we are having two totally separate conversations in the comments 😉

  • McKella says:

    I don’t have a weird smell in my shirts, but I do have stains. I switched to a natural deodorant instead of a conventional deodorant/antiperspirant combo because I heard that antiperspirant stains, and it’s not as bad anymore. Also, I think my sweat glands have regulated themselves because I don’t feel like I sweat any more than I used to.
    I really need to get learning about stuff like SEO because my blog isn’t growing anywhere near as quickly as I’d like. I’d love tips if you want to do a post on that!

    • Val says:

      I’ve tried so many products and nothing works. I’m just a beast I think.

      I may do a post on SEO soon, just want to learn a bit more before I can give advice that is my own :)

  • Allyssa says:

    Yesterday I found mold in my reusable tumbler’s straw. I don’t know how long it was there, but I was pretty grossed out. Next time I’ll have to remember to soak it in a bleach/water mixture.

    • Val says:


      Thats what happened to me, I drank the whole bottle before I realized it. They hypochondriac in me started feeling “sick”, lol.

      I guess ill just have to shell out some money for a new one.

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