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All You Can Eat

What an awesome day Thursday was.  I cant remember having felt more relaxed in weeks!  I actually slept in until 9pm which is pretty ridiculous for me.  It could have been the fact that my body was just ready for sleep seeing as I have had insomnia for a while.  Or it could have been the margarita I drank in bed while watching Storage Wars.




Chris and I ventured to the local screen printing shop to FINALLY get some quotes for my design.  We are fairly happy with the price and actually are getting more quantity for the same money we planned to spend which gives me more inventory to use for marketing and promotions.  I get to see a sample next week before I literally take the first step in signing my life away to my own vision!


We also went on a little date to a famous BBQ place up north called Big Ed’s BBQ.  Chris got wind of those four magic words and wouldn’t let go until we went.  Those three magic words?

All You Can Eat!



I love theme restaurants.  I couldn’t even finish my original portion but I think Chris seriously had a about 4 re-fills of ribs!



In other news, I’ve decided to not go to the Healthy Living Summit.  Ironic seeing as how I wrote a concrete post about the reasons I WAS going not too long ago.  If your wondering why, I have a lot of reasons that I would rather not share here.  However, I am apt to share them in a more personal environment . . . like, my monthly newsletter.  Subscribe if you want the juice, my friends.


Also as host of the Blogger Self Discovery Word By Word Series, I am going to post a round up of all your blogs on the word Beauty at the end of the month.  I have a few submissions I cant wait to share!  If you are posting this month, please have your submission to me by Thursday July 28th.  Email the link to


Other than that, my apartment is falling apart!  I’ve been a hard working biotch lately and I really have to put some domestic effort back into this ole’ living space before it gets worse.


How do you handle all you can eats?  Buffets, parties, etc.

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