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Bittersweet Technology

In many ways, Technology has saved me  . . .

It has allowed this anxiety ridden girl to roam the streets of the big city alone.

It has made it easier to get phone numbers, find addresses and answer almost any question I’ve ever asked it.

It has allowed me to connect with amazing like minded people across the globe which otherwise I would have never known.

It has developed the passions inside me for photography and writing.

It’s allowed me to share who I really am with the world by giving me a voice.


In many ways, Technology is also killing me . . .

The events in my life are sometimes wasted on drafting up the perfect blog post in my brain only to never make it on the screen.

My already poor eyesight has gotten dangerously worse.

My posture is suffering from constantly moving my head forward to look at the screen.

I cant remember the last time I woke up and didn’t shove a screen in my face to check emails in which most barely matter.

My connection to nature has been so drastically diminished that I feel I have wasted precious time NOT being outdoors for not much in return.

But more importantly . . .

The important relationships in my life are beginning to suffer.

I feel like I’m losing a part of who I am.


The truth is, I do need technology to sustain my life’s work and so its here to stay.  I’ve experienced some eye-opening wake up calls lately which really are forcing me to take a look at what my life has become in the past year. I need to feel more like I live in the real world where I connect to real people and real things. This line of work I’m getting into makes it easy to be distracted and sucked in until its all a big blur and before you know it, you haven’t moved an inch but your “screen headache” makes you feel like you have run a technical marathon.

It’s time to set some boundaries, technology . . .


Those of you working from home or on a device all day, how do you keep your outside world separate from your “plugged in” world?

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5 Responses to Bittersweet Technology

  • I’ve also had some wakeup calls in this area recently. There are only so many hours in the day, and I’ve added some very important and very serious, arduous work to my life outside of my job. I realized that 20 minute detours onto the Internet every after 20 minutes of work means my four hours of work in the evening after I get home from work is really little more than two hours. No wonder I wasn’t getting as much done as I thought I could.

    The very first thing I do in the morning is check e-mail on my phone, and it’s the very last thing I do at night. I check e-mail on the phone at every stop light while in the car or when sitting in traffic. It’s become a habit to click on Google Reader just to see what’s there even if I just checked it three minutes prior.

    Point: I truly GET your point on this. Technology is a tool; it’s not supposed to rule our lives. It’s only supposed to make it easier — it’s meant to complement rather than complicate.

  • I feel ya. It’s amazing how much of my time is devoted to technology. I wish I could break away from it! Although this past week without power did allow me some time off, I missed it and hate this feeling of being “behind” with the blog and with commenting. I too need to find some balance.

  • Maureen says:

    Val I hear ya! I feel the same way and it scares me sometimes. While we are on the subject of emails did you ever get my response to yours about dates and time to discuss my responses? Haven’t heard from you in awhile..I know you have been busy. School started today so now I am going to be checking those emails also. Makes me nervous I want more real just like you! Real verbal communication with friends, collegues and administrators. Let me know when we can get together in person and discuss “stuff”. Love your honesty!

  • Maureen says:

    call me if you are available monday to meet up for a little while

  • GirlonRaw says:

    Oh I totally related to the CONS comment regarding needing to put a screen in front of your face as soon as waking when most of the messages didn’t even matter anyway! Haha!

    I’ve heard of people being addicted to technology and needing to go cold turkey from it for a while. Sometimes I have been place in situations (on holidays etc) where I haven’t had as much or if at all connection to the outside world, and whilst it sounded scary to begin with, it was quite liberating!

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