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My Next Move . . .

I believe that everything was meant to happen the way it happens, now more than ever. Sitting next to Christine on my graduation day when my world was seemingly falling apart was one of those things.  Her profound stories and advice have really stuck with me and helped me do what it takes to move forward in this next chapter of myself.

One of the stories she told me was by an unknown author called “The Flying Trapeze”.  I read this damn thing everyday for a month and the more I read it, the more it helped me understand where I wanted to be and why.  You could click it to read the whole version, or you can read my abridged interpretation below.

In essence, life is a series of people swinging from bar to bar.  We hang on for a while in our jobs, relationships, hobbies, etc. We get comfortable and feel a sense of control or “rightness”. Some people stay on the same bar for a while and some people stay forever, happy or not. Each change we make and each transition in life forces you to latch on to another bar leaving behind all the comfort you knew.  But the scariest part is not being on that new bar in that new place, it’s what you have to do to get there. When you decide to change your life, you must decide to feel the shit storm that comes along with it.  It’s the moments where you are in between bars and there is no support, no ground to stand on and know way of really knowing if it’s the right thing.  These are the only times I believe that we actually FEEL life happening for us.  All the growing, changing, and dealing with those raw emotions that are painful yet exhilarating all while the floor has dropped from under you. It’s the scariest, terrifying, and most exciting place to be that feels more real than anything. The story ends by saying that despite being looked down upon, it is ok to hang out in this zone of transition.  Its ok to spend some time floating before you grab the next bar because those willing to sit in that scary place that have the only chance of learning to fly.

Many people ask me what I am doing now since I graduated. The truth is, I am doing a lot personally and professionally. I am meeting new people, networking/building my reputation, and trying new things. I am also a hell of a lot more laid back and accepting than I used to be and I love that. I have my hand in so many projects as far as my future.  There are so many open trapeze bars, so to speak that I am honestly having trouble picking which to grasp. My friends and family know how frustrating this has been for me, constantly thinking about my next move, but if I learned one thing its that I need to figure out what I want and go with it no matter how scary. So, for the first time in my life, I have come to a conclusion that is so “unlike Val”. 

I’ve decided to stay in transition.

It’s weird, but I am kind of addicted to this stage. I like the choices I am making and the way I deal with life. It feels much more like the person I know I am instead of the one that was suppressed by that very secure feeling I had swinging on my last trapeze bar. I want to keep that going.  I want to take this rare opportunity that life is giving me while I am still young and have nothing holding me back. I want to do something for myself that is out of the ordinary so I can learn more, succeed and fail, take more chances, keep growing, develop this new person I’m becoming and keep rolling with it.

And so, on January 2nd I will be boarding a plane for Hawaii, 5000 miles away from home to do just that . . .

Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting around here . . . .

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