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island love . . .

I know I havent been blogging much, but I have definitely been doing a lot of writing. spending a lot of time alone in a very new place gives you a lot of time for reflection and because of all this time I have been learning so much about myself and the world in general.

a lot of it probably shouldn’t be shared so publicly, but there is a huge chunk ive been working on that I will share in the form of an . . . e-book? ive decided to start jotting down all of my lessons/struggles/challenges ive dealt with on the food, health and intuitive eating front. I have a lot to say about the subject and im compiling my journey into a book that will hopefully help people.  sounds pretty out there, I know.  but right now that’s what has been calling me.

besides, I havent really heard back from the job I want.  I had an interview that went fantastic and they are impressed with my application and my schooling. it comes down to a matter of them having room for me to work there. as much as I hate awkward job conversations and call backs, I will keep fighting for it, that’s for sure.

other than that I can tell you that I am falling in love with hawaii. the more I see and the more comfortable I get . . . the more I think that setting a limit to my time here probably isnt the best thing to do. I have a lot to accomplish in so many ways . . .

so far since my last update . . .

I took an amazing tour of hickam airforce base and pearl harbor.  im sad to say that I didn’t know much about the the war and that day, but thanks to our amazing tour guide I now have lots of respect for all of it.


I also went on my second hike with my new friends.  this one was pretty tough, muddy and contained a lot of uphills.  but we did it and it was totally worth the efforts.

also totally worth the efforts . . . shrimp and rice from one of the famous trucks. so.fucking.delicious.


we headed up to the north shore which is like a different world from where I live.  its really old school island style hawaii.  lots of surfing, beautiful scenery and laid back living.  I fell in love with it up here and will hopefully be visiting again soon!

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2 Responses to island love . . .

  • McKella says:

    Those shrimp look amazing. I love shrimp, but only if they’re already peeled. Am I lazy or what?
    I’m glad you’re getting along ok. This looks like quite an adventure, and I think a bright, sunny place is the best way to start over.

  • Mom says:

    Mom says: I hope your wearing sunscreen with a SPF of at least 50.

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