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secured . . .

alright alright . . . I totally suck at blogging.

truth is, ive really have been distraught with not being able to find a job out here. everyone is SO impressed with my resume but never calls back. ive even had a few VERY promising interviews that just never panned out either. I was worrying . . . a lot.

I mean, I KNOW I can find a job out here in a kitchen, but I didn’t want to settle. I spent so much energy and love going to a specific school for a specific reason. I want to cook those healing foods and I want to TEACH people about them too. it’s a lot to ask, I know . . .  but if something was out there, ill find it.


I applied for a vegetarian chef position back in early march. I had some contact with the natropathic doctors that I would be working for but again, contact fizzled out and I gave up after chasing. in the meantime I had an incredibly promising interview to manage an indian restaurant in waikiki. every day I would call and check my email waiting to hear back aaaaand nothing.

just as I was at my wits end, I got an email back from the dr. asking me if I was still interested in the chef position. we really clicked over the phone and definitely on my interview as well.

long story short . . they run a retreat center in the valley where patients come to detox, lose weight, and heal themselves. and a HUGE part of healing . . . FOOD!! I am officially a chef for these patients making their juices and meals that are completely vegan and on track with the gerson diet mostly. I get to shop at whole foods and down to earth and experiment with my own recipes and work with the patients about how they feel and teach them things.

seriously . . .

not only that but they are willing to work with my concert schedule and let me use the hot tub, sauna, and pool whenever. I also don’t need a car because the center is in walking distance AND I get to use the company van for shopping. not to mention how healthy ill be eating!

. . .

I feel so content right now in my life. this job was the missing piece of the puzzle and it couldn’t have worked out any better. ill have a routine, and ill be doing what I love. ill be able to REALLY enjoy the island on my downtime and really LIVE out here even more so than before.

here is a view from the top deck at my job where I took a nap on my break.


also, in case you havent seen it already on facebook . . . I have posted a video tour of my home. its vulgar, sarcastic and SOO me. I got a great response to it for some reason and plan to do many many more video posts. they are much easier and I think more appreciated.

enjoy! . . . or not.


humble honolulu apartment tour

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