Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 16

I slept a solid 5 hours last night!

AND I woke up to two recent emails from the husband.  Even though I was up 2.5 hours before my alarm, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I hung around, folded laundry and plugged away on the computer for a bit.

Even though I had a lot of time to make myself a decent breakfast, I am running low on just about everything in the house so I ate this.


Those babies cost WAY too much money in the store and don’t really taste that great but a Vega rep dropped some samples off and this is what I was able to grab.

I had another fizzy probiotic drink once I got to work and then started chopping so many vegetables that my hands and wrists are killing me.  The good thing is that I was able to make a small staff meal of roasted veggies and tempeh bacon with a honey mustard sauce.


When I got home I was my usual sleepy self but really didn’t want to contribute to even more laziness this week so I sucked it up, did my wheatgrass enema and then ate dinner.

For the first time in a while, dinner had animal protein! I marinated a piece of mahi mahi in some lemon juice and black pepper and grilled it up and savored it with a pile of salad.


At first I felt a bit guilty while I was cooking it but then my mouth literally began to water and I felt like I NEEDED the fish. Two things happened.  One was that I ate it all but didn’t really NEED to.  I started feeling full of it about 3/4 through.  The other is that I felt a different kind of satisfied that I haven’t felt in a while.  Not sure if this is a good or bad thing still but we’ll see.

The main reason I had it was because it is now week 3 and I am interested to see if it changes my energy levels or endurance when it comes to strenuous workouts.  Tomorrow I have a long day topped with an intense yoga class and felt like it was a good time to have this. I know I will feel the same when it comes to after a weight session which I am thinking of bringing to twice a week instead of once as I feel like I get a lot out of those workouts.  But that’s post-jumpstart stuff . . . . lets focus on today.

After dinner I resigned myself to just hang out at home even after realizing that it has been almost a full week with no workouts if you don’t count walking the streets for miles in San Diego. I told myself I would start fresh tomorrow but I knew that the name of the game is constantly picking myself back up and so I decided to go for a short run and not even think about it.

I felt a bit heavy because I had just eaten but I was still able to jog enough to call it a good workout.  I was also rewarded with ANOTHER email from Mike that was actually from today!  That never happens :)

I feel a lot better now after pushing myself to get out of a funk. Tomorrow starts a brand new week of opportunity and another chance to finish strong!

Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 15

Something is definitely up because I cannot sleep for the life of me!

Last night I was shaken awake by a terrible world-ending sound that connected with a war/attack dream I was having and when I sat up I told myself none of it was real until I heard it in “real life” again.  My first instinct was to turn all the lights on, grab my phone and check to see if something terrible was happening.  It turned out to be a crazy thunderstorm.  I’ve never heard thunder like that in my life.

Of course the one night it does this in Hawaii, I am alone in the apartment with all the lights on and now on the couch terrified of the power going out.

When I finally fell back asleep (with  a light on), I woke up in a panic around 5 am after having a crazy scary dream about being at the bottom of a large shark aquarium that was about to shatter. My heart was racing and so I decided to just wake up and get to work rather than trying to sleep again.

I took my weight and progress pictures for week #2.  The scale was back to normal numbers but there was definitely still vacation water retention according to my pictures. Again, I know this will take a few days of good eating and sweat sessions to settle out, so I am going to be patient.

What I did do was take my adrenal supplement in the morning for the first time in a while.


I’ve always had good results with these types of supplements and felt a difference when I was under any type of draining stress.  What’s weird is that I am feeling stress when I am sleeping and not really too much in my waking life . . .

Anyway, today was fast day so I drank about 5 juices and tonics throughout the day including this fizzy coconut kefir with a splash of apple juice.

IMG_5293.JPGWork was productive and like clockwork, I was sleepy when I got home and proceeded to pass out for 30 minutes.  My stomach was in a painful hunger mode so I did opt to eat some raw crackers in between juices.


I also spent a LOT of time in front of my laptop this afternoon/evening.  There’s so many random projects that I am chipping away at and want to get done before Mike comes home. One of them is getting more of our finances organized so we can reach our savings goals and still have enough aside to do random things like go to san diego for 72 hours.

I wrote about our Newlywed Budget before but never got a chance to update how we’re doing as we decided to learn more about each others habits and how different it is to join two incomes into one and make it work.  Now that we’ve learned a bit and our accounts are connected fully, its time to get a little more serious.

Other than that, I can’t say it was my most successful fasting day but this one was kind of wedged into the beginning of the week to make up for none last week.  I will be doing it again on Friday as well.

As for tonight, I am going to get my nightly cleanse stuff done and probably watch some you tube before trying to get to bed early so I can have a solid sleep and wake up with enough time to pack some gym clothes and have a decent breakfast.

If I hit the gym tomorrow, its likely that I will enjoy some fish for dinner which will be my first animal protein in quite a long time!