hawai’i - Part 2


Weekly Plan- Ahead {dec 15 2014}

I can’t believe another Sunday has passed!

In my spare time, I have been reading other blogs as well as my own.  Reading my past is very eye opening and I am really grateful that I have documented a good chunk of the last 4 years through some life changing stuff.  It makes me think about how I want to continue to use this space.

I would love to keep it a healthy lifestyle blog which contains my posts about my life as well as tips and recipes and whatever else goes along with a healthy lifestyle, but I also need to keep myself accountable with it and use some kind of schedule.  My blog does not make me any money and though I would love if it did, it’s hard for me to stay structured without some sort of pressure.

I recognize this about my own healthy lifestyle as well. Until certain things become complete habits without thinking, I need to literally make “appointments” for myself to stick to things and not budge.  Leaving things freely up in the air in this aspect doesn’t seem like it is working for me and its easier for me to make excuses and it also brings upon a guilt if I DON’T do what I planned.

This has been so much more apparent with my husband home. I am still learning the ins and outs of being in a military marriage, but recently I am learning on the fast track.  I love having him here, but there is definitely an adjustment period for him to get back into real life which includes lots of sleeping, relaxing and also being called into work randomly with no notice.  THIS part of my life needs to be flexible, but the time I spend taking care of myself should not always take a back seat as I don’t want my health to be coming and going in dramatic waves that coincide with his schedule.


Balancing all of this is pretty challenging and I find myself slipping on a lot of my habits such as my increased intake of caffeine, dairy and sometimes wheat.  I feel the negative effects almost immediately and it’s not preferable, especially when you know what your body is capable of feeling!

I am proud of myself for stepping it up in the meal department.  So far we have barely gone out to eat because I have awesome meals planned and shopped for which is saving money and helping my creativity in the kitchen.



I still am exercising and doing my weekly fasts as well.

This week will be the calm before the storm of the holidays!  We have a lot to get done as far as cleaning, shopping, putting up our tree and gearing up for a possible holiday party at our house.

I am also conjuring up my goals and manifestations for the new year as we have a lot going on and need to be prepared and organized.

Since the dust is settled on this week, I would like to make an activity outline so that I have motivation to stick to it.


Monday: Buddhi Yoga

Tuesday: PM walk/jog

Wednesday:  Full Body Weights/Cardio (gym)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Juice fast day

Saturday: Gym cardio

Sunday: Rest

PS – This may be a shot in the dark, but I am looking for someone to help re-vamp my blog.  I am looking for someone who can help me with a new clean design, that can optimize it and also work out word press kinks.  If you know of anyone, please let me know!





Perfect December Sunday

I had a really great day off!

Lately, my days off have consisted of playing catch up on errands and laundry and whatever fires I need to put out but this one had a great balance of all things I love.

I woke up around 6:30am so I can had enough time to slowly get into the groove of the day before meeting Danielle at the gym for a body pump class. I haven’t taken body pump in ages.  The class was good but not really something I would do often.  I like doing weights on my own and doing cardio class style.  Either way it was good to get a workout in and also score a free week pass to the gym in walking distance that I will never join (because I have free access to base gyms) but will take advantage of this week.

After we tried out a new breakfast spot which we ended up loving.  I really enjoy any place that has vegan/gluten free options AND that makes fresh juices. I had a green juice and some fried brown rice with kale, bacon and two eggs.  Yes, I realize I didn’t choose anything vegan OR gluten free but I was very happy with all of it and can’t wait to go back!


Afterwards, we ran a few errands before heading to the beach for a bit where another one of my good friends met up to chat.  It was super nice having them all in one spot, even if for a short amount of time.


It has been well over a month since I’ve gone to the beach and I kick myself every time I get to that point. I’m either all in or all out with beaching and need to find a happy medium.

After arriving home, I sold my juicer to Danielle.  It’s been great having it as a starter, but Mike and I have decided to invest in a top of the line model that will juice wheat grass, make nut milks and cold press everything.  I am still doing research on which one I want to get but I am super excited and have so many ideas/reasons to indulge in it.

Trashy reality TV commenced after that and was brightened up by an email from Mike.  He was the only thing missing out of this perfect day, so I am glad he made an appearance in some form.

A new week is ahead and I am ready to tackle it, especially after feeling refreshed from the day. Looking forward to work (ha!), workouts and staying on the right track.