hawai’i - Part 2


How to Hard Boil Eggs in the Oven

When I am exercising regularly, especially weight training, I find that I often crave a combo of protein and fat.  I know it’s my body’s way of trying to repair and replenish muscle and other tissue and so hard boiled eggs have always been a go-to.  They are a great way to get a complete protein and satisfying snack in one.

I haven’t really been eating them as often as boiling them proves to be tedious in getting them *just right*.  I saw this trick on a few websites a while back and decided to give it a whirl and the results were awesome!



The shells peel off super easy, and there is no weird grey yolk.  Keep in your fridge for snacking, breakfast, egg salad or use as a high protein salad topper!



Healthy Lifestyle Traveling

Hi friends!

We’re so excited to start our trip!  As I sit here in a pile of clothing, random papers and electronics that need to get packed, I can’t help but think about how I am going to FEEL on this trip.

We have New Years to celebrate, my 30th birthday and some other special things going on that definitely warrant lots of treats and adult beverages.  Just being around family, friends and all my favorite places is enough to easily derail my healthy lifestyle that I am clinging so hard to keep.

In the last few weeks I haven’t made the best choices I could have, but I enjoyed my husband being home as well as hanging out with friends and doing things I haven’t done in a while. At the core, I am still consuming healthy foods and exercising fairly consistently, but I did give up a lot of structure I had in place while I was completing the Lifestyle Jump Start .

This made me think a lot about consistency and figuring out how to stay structured but allow for the outline to change a bit with the tide.  I also thought a lot about how staying healthy was a HUGE priority for me when I went to San Diego and how truly amazing I felt to be exploring while allowing treats and eating well.

I definitely want to make the best choices and all that jazz, but whenever I start out with that intention and have no plan behind it, it makes it real easy to keep descending further away from health. So even though my plan is very loose . . . it’s still something.

1.) Green Juice Every Damn Day


If you know me or have read this blog for the last few years, you know how much drinking green juice has changed my life.  I’m proud to say that in the last 6 months I could probably count on one hand how many days I DIDN’T down a juice and I plan to keep that streak going!  This is actually a fun thing for me because it allows me to find new juice bars and health food establishments to further my research on . . . stuff. If all else fails, I will stock up on some pre-made cold pressed ones and keep them in the fridges I frequent.

2.) MOVE!



I’m headed home with some workout clothes and the heart rate monitor I got for Christmas. It is going to be FREEZING there compared to Hawaii, so it will definitely be a challenge to get up and go for a quick run or brisk walk but my plan is to do SOMETHING that warrants wearing my heart rate monitor at least 4 times out of this trip.  I would like to say more than that, but I know that we will be traveling around, waking up late and in at least one case not be feeling too good. I also won’t rule out trying out a yoga class or even seeing if I can get a day pass at a gym so I can lift, bro.

3.) Make the best possible choice with whatever is in front of me.


I know two things that my body does not like; GLUTEN and DAIRY. You can read about my experiences cutting out dairy HERE and cutting out gluten HERE. Avoiding these two things whenever possible will help me feel less sluggish and bloated which will keep me on the better choice avalanche.  I know I will absolutely make exceptions when I feel it’s necessary (jersey pizza!), but I also will be conscious of those choices and try to keep balancing them out.

4.) Checklist!


Using my checklists has been one of the only things that really tracks my health.  I thought I could live without them for a while but turns out it takes MORE than 21 days to create lots of habits. Good thing about that is I like the satisfaction of checking things off a list and making sure I do them. I re-created a check list that was catered to my restrictions and what is important to me and plan to use it as much as possible during the trip.  I also am considering making custom check lists for those who work well with this kind of accountability ;)

Trips and traveling are now a part of my regular life routine which is is so exciting.  It also means that just because it’s happening does not give me a free pass to go all out and go crazy.  It’s all still real life!

Once I get back, I do have plans to head back on a more Lifestyle Jump Start focus as well as a more structured workout program that includes heavier lifting and my first fitness certification in years!

Let’s see what happens ;)