{work outs} WE 3/30/14

Out of the workout schedule I planned, I’ve officially completed 5 workouts this week!


  • OFF


  • 2 mile walk (to/from work)
  •  SHRED Dvd Level 1


  •  3.12 mile PM walk/jog


  •  2 mile walk (to/from) work
  • 15 min Yoga (Daily Burn)


  • SHRED Dvd Level 2


  •  OFF


  • 6 Mile hike through Aiea Loop

SHRED –  Tuesday morning I did something I have not done for a while.  30 Day Shred is the ONLY workout DVD I’ve been able to enjoy because I really dislike working from home or at least I used to? Anyway, it is a short 20min non-stop workout that totally kicks your ass.  I recently purchased another set of 5# weights and holy shit, I stayed sore for DAYS.

Friday morning I completed the second level of the SHRED.  You’re supposed to spend a week on one level before going to the next but I figured I was ok.  I had trouble some parts and ended up getting upset for not being able to have good form, balance or from just being tired out but I am a work in progress and need to keep doing this one to get better at it.

Daily Burn – Speaking of hating workouts from home.  I signed up for a FREE 30 day trial for Daily Burn which is a giant library of workouts.  I am going to give it a whirl since there are a lot of options and I especially love the 15 minute workout series. At $10 per month I think its a pretty good deal if you’re into that sort of thing.  I’m still figuring this out, so thank goodness for free trials.

15 Minute Yoga (Daily Burn) – I wanted to do something more intense on Thursday, but I was still super sore from Tuesday and my body was craving stretching.  I am not really advanced at yoga so this 15 minute video opened me up in no time and I felt SO much better.  I also realized how inflexible and unbalanced (no pun intended) I have become through the years. I definitely have a lot to work on which is strangely exciting!

 Aiea Loop Hike

Bryt and I decided to tackle an early morning hike we’ve both never been on before.  This one was long and muddy but well worth the amount of exercise we got out of it.



*view of H-3 highway 

After that, we drove up the waianae coast and hung out at the beach for a bit and enjoyed some lunch.


I’m pretty proud of myself for staying active.  I’ve noticed that my recovery ain’t what it used to be which keeps me sore for a few days.  I’m also gaining a bit of weight which I’m sure is due to water retention in the muscles from you know . . . actually USING them!

Other than that I have more energy throughout the day and find that I get pretty tired by the night time if I am not sucked into a blog/pinterest vortex.

The important thing is that I started making it a habit and the hardest part for me is always starting things. I’m thinking that next weeks workouts will be fairly similar with a few changes here and there to fit around my schedule and fast day.

Hello Spring!

It’s true.

I’ve been spending more time reading about everyone else’s lives than writing about my own.  All in good timing though.  The last 2 weeks has been kind of a weird downward spiral complete with fatigue, too many naps, weird rashes on my face and not so great eating.

I always seem to go through an oddly rough time when the seasons change. But, sometimes its good to fall down because it makes going back up fiercely motivating. I am considering today to be the last day to clean up the remaining aftermath of my pity party and move on.

Today feels a lot better.  For the first time in well over a month, Mike and I were able to sleep in together and have an actual day off. Of course this meant we slept until 7:30 but it was nice to stay lazy for a bit and head out to BREAKFAST!

I swear I miss breakfast so much.  There is not a big breakfast culture going on in Hawaii and even if there was, it is rare that we get the time to spend eating (and making) such amazing food.

Luckily there is a fairly famous place like RIGHT across from our building where we enjoyed a diner style breakfast complete with decaf coffee.  (side note: i am OBSESSED with anything mint green right now!)


There’s nothing like diner coffee . . . this got me so excited to visit home!

Also in walking distance is this cute Pho joint we tried out last night.  I never had Vietnamese food until I moved out to Hawaii.  Pho is a super delicious, gluten free and cheap meal. I usually crave it when I need warmth/comfort and its good to know this place really PACKS their bowls full of vegetables.


I was gifted a bag of local lemons from a customer and decided to use some pantry items that were sitting around to make these lemon squares.  I used some Earth Balance and Gluten Free flour mix to make them well, vegan and gluten free.  These are way tasty and would be even better with thyme and more lemon flavor but for some reason the Earth Balance taste was off.  Once I get it right I can post a Flash Recipe.


I kind of cheated on tonight’s dinner.  When I was picking up a yoga mat (whaaaat?) I saw a box of crock pot spices for a Jambalaya. I knew we had some chicken breast at home so I threw that along with the most random assortment of veggies we had in the house along with it in the morning to slow cook all day into this.


Pretty tasty although shrimp and sausage would have been a nice addition.

Other than that . . . 

I am being summoned to a military ball for Mike’s ship in 3 weeks. I need a fancy dress.  I would like a tan and a bit of shaping up to occur which brings me back to fitness. It occurred to me that in the next few months I will be in a LOT of pictures with this ball, my marriage ceremony,  one trip to the east coast and one to Colorado and probably Miami for work.

Lately I have been thinking about my past life as a personal trainer/body builder.  During that time  I was figuring out who I was and my self-esteem took a beating,  but I feel like I am in a much better place.  This is not to say I care to be extreme again, but I do have the urge to start a regular exercise routine again for many reasons that are not looks even though I must admit that is one of them #vain.

I asked some friends who do yoga if they were interested in going on a weekly date.  I want to do something different that will keep me accountable and keep me connected to friends and like minded people. Turns out a friend of mine (and one of my awesome bakers) goes to booty yoga on Monday nights in china town which is perfect timing!

I also want to strengthen my muscles but not really BUILD them.  I also want some quick cardio sessions . . . I WANT IT ALL! What I am saying is that I am bringing back the 30 day shred a few days a week to make sure I can kick some ass in a short period of time.  I picked up some new weights and a cute reversible Danskin mat mentioned above.

Here is the plan

Monday : Booty Yoga

Tuesday: SHRED (before late day at work)

Wednesday: Long beach walk/jog *this is my fasting day

Thursday: OFF

Friday: ?

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: SHRED (plus possible beach walk/jog)

That’s the way the cookie crumbles for this week.  My goal is to work out 3-4x per week.  If I start out like a maniac, I will just give up.  I need to build my relationship with exercise again into a positive one so I am willing to take it slow.

Anyway,  that sounds about long enough for an update!