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Many Hats Of The Weekend

As the holidays get closer, my schedule always seems to get busier. I guess that’s part of the holiday hustle and bustle spirit :)

This weekend I . . .

Was the official photographer for the bagel shop.

Cleaned some of the apartment! So excited for this . . . I had a good helper too :)

Put up most of the Christmas tree.

Celebrated Ashley’s 28th birthday before everyone went out.

And sat through a FULL day of fruit, bean, grain herb and spice lecture at Natural Gourmet on Sunday.

Didn’t, go home empty handed though . . . I got some plans for all these 😉

I am exhausted, but I can’t complain for long as the cycle starts over again right . . . . . NOW!

IEW – Friday #2

**This post is part of my Intuitive Eating Weekend. Join myself and Maria at LaPiattini as we post our eats this weekend while trying to refocus on eating Intuitively.**

I did make it to lunch with Ashley without chewing my arm off! I was craving something light but with protein. I ended up with a balsamic shrimp salad that had a spring mix, roasted red peppers and mozzarella. It was pretty good, though it could have used some red onion 😉

And it came with soup too! Both of us went with pasta fagioli.

We ended up staying for over 2.5 hours! We had lots to catch up on and we did :)

I love hanging out with Ashley. Nothing like being with a true friend.

When I got home, I was hungry again! Not a good combination when you have to bake something to bring over someones house. I ended up making pumpkin butterscotch cookies that turned out more like muffins. I did taste some dough along the way and ate half a muffin . . . Uh cookie :roll:

Ok I’m off to Thanksgiving Dinner! Yes, you heard right. Ill explain later . . . I’m just excited to use the new DSLR! 😀

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