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Tuesday Morning Chef

One of the ways to reach good health is to make sure you are preparing most of your meals at home.  Lately, I have been striving to make 95% of my meals at home with the added challenge of using as many TRUE foods as possible.


Tuesday morning is my main cooking day.  I prepare foods or recipes that turn into healthy meals throughout the week.  I have been perfecting the use of a weekly menu plan that has really helped organize everything and save us a lot at the grocery store.  Well, unless its an impulse grocery shop.  I’ll write up a post in the future about how I use my weekly menu plan.


ANYWAY . . .


Tuesday morning starts with a wake up call anywhere from 7-8am.  I have to make sure I get sleep though as I usually don’t get back home until 1:30am from school.


I start with a cup of decaf coffee and a breakfast of overnight oats . . . my new obsession.



Then I get my menu plan and write out exactly what I am going to be making.  On the bottom is a list of steps prioritized of things I have to Mise En Place (French for have everything in place).  This helps as I get the stuff that takes longer started first or I can see if I have a gap of time to do some other prep work for another food. NO TIME WASTED IN THE KITCHEN!!!


Once things are ready to be cooked, I take a brief intermission and clean up the area.  This also means doing a sink full (or more) of dishes.  I try and use as least dishes as possible, but it doesn’t always work out.



And sometimes there are a few casualties . . .



But the payoff is always good . . .



Asian Leafy Greens



Chicken Sausage Crumbles


Spicy ChickPea Snack  (recipe HERE)


Millet Burgers




Ginger Juice


I usually have an early lunch/snack that contains a mix of what I made.



Asian greens, chicken sausage crumbles, ginger carrot salad (not made today)



Then its time to pack it all up, do another sink full of dishes, and do it all over again at school tonight.


Good thing I love it Red heart


P.S – Recipes for Asian Leafy Greens, Millet Burgers and Ginger Juice coming soon!!

When do you get all your cooking done?

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