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Look where we ended up again



Didn’t think we would be back to the Borgata in a while but I guess certain occasions warrant special trips . . .

Although I didn’t get to do any celebrating on my ACTUAL birthday.  Chris went out of his way to make sure I did something special.


After work, we headed over to The Melting Pot in Atlantic City.  I chose this over a fancy steakhouse because it really is a meal AND an experience.  We had so much fun trying new cheeses and both of us tried duck for the first time!  Its uhh . . . different.  I don’t think ill ever be a fan of such a gamey meat though.

Dessert came  candles . . . Birthday cake


We ate slow and savored every bite.  I didn’t feel the least bit guilty walking out of there which is something I couldn’t say last time we went.

Afterwards we headed to our room which had a great view and a nice king sized bed.  IMG_7534


We were out like lights just before midnight . . . soooo much foood!!


When we woke up we had time to shower and dress quickly as I had an appointment for my very first massage at the spa! 

It was awesome, I cant believe I never had a massage before.  Part of me feels guilty thinking that someone else is working just to make me happy.  I got over it quick though and I cant wait for my next one when I can afford it . . . like 12 years from now . . .

We had lunch at Applebee’s afterwards because we were starving and had a gift certificate.

          IMG_7553 IMG_7554

I look relaxed huh? Winking smile

I’m so happy with my gifts from Chris!!

The fun isn’t over yet . . . We are FINALLY going to purchase something that we REALLY need tonight. 

Can you guess what it is?





So when Chris told me he booked a room at The Borgata in Atlantic City on a Monday night *gasp!*

I started freaking out a bit. I have school Tuesday . . . Full days of work on Monday and Wednesday and a trip planned for all day Thursday.

How am I going to make it?

Well, thanks to Caroline for convincing me that one thing I’m not is . . . . . OLD . . .

We arrived here after leaving as SOON as I left work last night.

We had just enough time to catch a comedy show he had FREE tickets for.

We looked at the holiday trees they set up.

We had a late dinner with the return of Fatburger. I was happy.

We got to sleep in a comfortable bed.

We awoke to an excellent view of the AC skyline.

We paid this much to stay here.

And just like that we are now back at home ready to resume the rest of our week as planned well rested and more happy.

I gotta pull the Medicare card out of my ass sometimes :roll:

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