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A Simple Kind Of Life

Yesterday was another very RARE day.  I was scheduled off from work and the roads were still on the dangerous side due to the blizzard, so I didn’t leave the house for the 2nd day in a row.

In the morning I made breakfast real quick for Chris and I.


Before he left, I got really emotional . . . I even started crying a bit.  Partly because he was probably going to have to stay over night and I was scared for him driving.  And partly because I was going to be alone and by myself all day.

Being alone and not being able to leave the house made me feel really uncomfortable . . . this is a feeling that I runaway from often by distracting myself with other things . . . Its happened before.

I thought about going to the bank, or going to my parents for the day . . . but then it hit me that this is EXACTLY what I have been wanting!  I complain about NOT having time for myself to get things done and now I have an open opportunity without any commitments and I immediately want to squash it?

I don’t think so . . .


I decided to make a list of everything that I have been dying to do but haven’t had the time or energy.IMG_7296

I called it A Simple Kind Of Life because it’s a No Doubt song, and also because this personified the feeling I want when I walk into my home.  I want to have just what I need and nothing extra.  I want things to be clean and I want things to be organized.

I want to start out 2011 on an extra clean slate.


So I started out in my bedroom where clutter has been building for a while.  I went through little papers and random things and threw out what I wasn’t using.  I also went through my closet and drawers and came up with a bag of stuff to donate.


I then made my way into the bathroom where I did a quick clean of the sink, toilet and mirror. Its not my usual deep clean, but it worked for now.

I took a break for lunch and made a salad out of the few fresh ingredients we had left in the house.



  • Grape Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Baked Tofu (I really am starting to dislike tofu – not going to buy it again)
  • Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar


I then started purging old items from the refrigerator and pantry that were expiring or never going to get used.  I HATE throwing away foodSteaming mad  I really have to be more conscious of what I buy at the grocery store.

I sat down on the couch a bit to watch Bethenny Getting Married?  Did you know Bethenny is a graduate of my culinary school?

I started craving something sweet like crazy.  I am really trying to focus on eating intuitively again so I wanted to make sure I didn’t deny myself what I really wanted.  This turned into a cup of hot chocolate . . .


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 tbsp Dutch processed unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Agave drizzle

AND a bowl of Berry Cap’n Crunch



I will not feel guilty. I will not feel guilty. I will not feel guilty.

After my small sugar crash I started slowly tying up some odds and ends.  I ended up with 4 packed bag of garbage!!

For the rest of the night I sat on the couch and read a real live book!


I love reading books by Geneen Roth.  I always feel a sense of calm and a sense of motivation after reading so many good lessons and this book had many of them!

Contrary to how I felt in the morning, I am so glad I stuck it out and hung out with myself. I feel more simple and I got a lot accomplished which will help me stay organized and happy . . . at least for a few days Nyah-Nyah

Have you ever felt uncomfortable being alone?  What do you do when you finally have time for yourself?

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