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chefs training program friday night dinner

Our Friday Night Dinner

I really can’t come up with the words to describe last night . . . or this whole process really.

What we did was come up with a 3 course vegan meal and serve it to the public.

What it meant to me was so much more . . .

Not to be creepily nostalgic, but this whole experience forced me well out of my comfort zone.  A zone that I really had a thick wall up around for a very long time.  I was challenged, I was faced with last minute problems and had to come up with solutions, I stayed organized, I had to tell people what to do, I was frantic, I was calm, I was happy, I was stressed, I laughed a lot, I was proud, and I was a leader.

All these emotions taught me so much about myself. 

I am in the right place.

I’m worth following what lights me up in life.

I can make things happen.











IMG_1778 (640x535)


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get many other pictures as I was running around like a . . .

Nut Bag  (seriously)


But there are plenty of pictures that I photo-bombed over HERE.

At the end of the night I was so exhausted, relieved and so happy.  Thanks to everyone who supported me through all of this!

And a special thanks to Sue and my class who did a champagne toast to each other . . . . and feta cheese!

We still have a month left of school plus our graduation.  I’m trying not to think about how sad its going to be and how new life will be starting my internship and making some sort of career out of all of this.

Actually, I wont have time to think about it yet . . .

I’m going to VEGAS!


See ya’ in a week!!

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