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So when Chris told me he booked a room at The Borgata in Atlantic City on a Monday night *gasp!*

I started freaking out a bit. I have school Tuesday . . . Full days of work on Monday and Wednesday and a trip planned for all day Thursday.

How am I going to make it?

Well, thanks to Caroline for convincing me that one thing I’m not is . . . . . OLD . . .

We arrived here after leaving as SOON as I left work last night.

We had just enough time to catch a comedy show he had FREE tickets for.

We looked at the holiday trees they set up.

We had a late dinner with the return of Fatburger. I was happy.

We got to sleep in a comfortable bed.

We awoke to an excellent view of the AC skyline.

We paid this much to stay here.

And just like that we are now back at home ready to resume the rest of our week as planned well rested and more happy.

I gotta pull the Medicare card out of my ass sometimes :roll:

Girls Night Out In AC

Last night Ashley and I went to the Borgata in Atlantic City for a bachlorette part for her sister in law.

After a grueling ride through traffic, we finally made it to our room which was cute and had a pretty nice view of the Atlantic City skyline.

We shared . . . I mean inhaled a pizza from the cafe downstairs.

Then we started the party hosted by peach bellinis.

From there we met up with the bride and her friends. Her friends were nice and friendly which made the night so much easier since it’s not easy to jump into a group of girls you don’t know and have drama.

We went to a male ‘hunk’ show that was pretty gross. I never been to anything of that nature before, but me and Ashley sat back and made the best of it while all the other girls took part in some hunk ‘fun’. And we also didn’t hesitate to point out he bride going into the wrong bathroom!

From there, we went out dancing at mur.mur back at the casino.

As the night winded down, we got HUNGRY. Fatburger to the rescue! This was probably my favorite part of the night as some major girl talk ensued over an amazing greasy meal. It makes me so lucky to have a friend like Ashley to do things like this with :)

We finally winded down and went to sleep around 3am. We hit up SBUX on the way out and were off for an even MORE grueling ride of traffic on the way back. The stop and go was so nauseating which is why I so needed a nap.

Either way, we had an awesome time out together and vowed to do it more often and not wait for a reason. Every girl needs that :)

The unfortunate thing about the late girls nights is that Sunday is usually shot. Here it is 5pm and I’m already thinking about work, not to mention I haven’t unpacked yet and I skipped doing my laundry and cleaning today. But I deserve it right? ;).

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