5 Day Juice Cleanse

Hi Friends!

More and more people are starting to notice how many crazy ‘challenges’ I decide to attempt. Truth is, I have been doing this since I was fresh out of high school in my personal training/body building days (yes, thats correct).

I’m a sucker for the fresh start of a new challenge, organizing the days, the food prep and the psyching myself up. I also love to see what changes my body makes and more importantly my mind. The greatest experiments are the ones that show the direct correlation between the fuel you consume and how it affects your energy, your mood and the overall positivity of your life. This of course comes after a detox period of usually a few days.

I also like to do these things because I’m in the biz. The things I create and the experiments I partake in help me become a better healing foods chef and a better visionary for a growing holistic company.

Experiments + Challenges = CREATION!

With that said . . . My interesting eats will be coming to an end for 5 whole days because we (my fiance, myself and juliann) are doing a 5 day juice cleanse!


I drink juice most every day. In fact, not too long ago I was on a kick where I would do one 24 hour green juice fast every week. You know, the one during my yearly purification cleanse. I have not done a juice cleanse in a long time while Mike has never done one at all.

I jumped all over the fact that he even thought about completing one. I’m not surprised though, all the talk, newspaper articles and news segments about Blue Tree Cleanses are turning skeptics into green juice junkies every single day.

From what I learned and what I know, I developed a 5 day cleanse for us to do that includes a few juices, a smoothie and kombucha to end the day. It just so happens that we are re-vamping our programs so some of these things could end up being a part of our next cleanse development phase.

Tomorrow after work, there are a few more things we need to purchase like jars and cashews (for cinnamon cashew milk) and we will officially begin!

Juice cleansing gives your body a great shot at releasing stored toxins that drag your life dowwwwn. It also gives you a personal chance to see what your life is like when it does not revolve around food. It also will give us all a chance to reboot for the crazy adventures ahead and so all of  us simply cannot afford to NOT be at our best selves.

To pass the time, we both have individual hobbies to keep us busy as well as beautiful beaches to go to that will hopefully make those detox headaches a bit more bearable. With the extra time, I would like to rest first and foremost when I need it. Naps are essential for me during the process. When my energy rolls back in, I’d like to deep clean or organize an area of the apartment, work on organizing some Blue Tree tasks and of course have the goal of blogging each day.


3 Goals – Prioritze Yourself

Today I found myself with a full day off.  And since Mike had duty, it was a full day off to myself.  Each Wednesday Iʻve been scheduling myself off, but for 3 weeks it just hasnʻt happened that way.  Things be busy at the cafe . . . weʻre growing so fast!

As usual, I have a mile long to-do list in my head and probably written down in my millions of notebooks. The nature of my life right now is a list that grows more than it shrinks.  Although this is totally fine, there comes a point where paralysis by analysis kicks in.  The more I need to do, the less I want to do ANYTHING . . . ever.

This morning after a very rare and very late sleep in (mustʻve needed it), I spent a few hours in the screen suck.  The vortex in which your eyes are glazed over from doing research, checking social media and digging through blogs and videos where time seems to just get pulled away. That happened for about an hour and a half today, maybe a bit more.

However, there was one video from Marie Forleo (love her) about how the smartest people end up doing less things because they dig into TOO many things. This doctor also coined the screen-suck term explained above. Anyway, the most valuable tip I took from the video is the goal rule of 3.

  • Set 3 Goals for each day
  • Set 3 Goals for each week
  • Set 3 Goals for each month
  • Set 3 Life goals

Having only 3 things to focus on (besides your regular daily routine/work) forces you to prioritize what matters most at hand. So today, I tried it out.

Todayʻs Goals:

  • Exercise – walk/jog your regular route, or hike a local trail
  • Pick one small area of apartment and deep clean it
  • Go to the mall and get a Valentines Day gift for Mike

With only 3 main things to accomplish, it pressured me less to cram everything I needed to do into one day.  This was incredibly apparent when I finally received the password to my business banking which will envoke a few hour project on getting my statements reviewed for taxes. Not today!

I did hike by my lonesome which was hard in the beginning since my legs felt like lead. I came through and had a workout I felt really good about which is all that matters to me.

In fact, I have been on a major health kick as of late that started with a week of eating mostly raw.  After a pretty crappy detox 4-5 days, I started feeling amazing enough to add in exercise 3 days a week which is a big accomplishment because I still hate exercise at this point in my life.

I came home with a good amount of energy in the tank and made a smoothie with a generous handful of these. 

Can I just add how greatful I am that the Costco out here is FINALLY starting to carry a lot more organic products?

Anyway, I picked the small area to deep clean to be the shower.  I got in there with bleach and bathroom cleaner and nearly drowned myself in fumes.  I really think I took it a bit too far since my breathing is out of whack right now and I keep coughing up some gross-ness. Either way, its done and weʻre one step closer to a fully deep cleaned apartment that just needs maintenence cleaning.

I spent some time relaxing after getting ready before the mall.  Its truly frustrating to get Mike any kind of gift since he buys what he wants whenever he wants.  I trolled the mall but also made a point to shop for myself too. I ended up buying a couple things from Old Navy (surprised?) including these red pants Iʻll wear for Valentines day.

Side Note: This marks the first pair of skinny jeans I bought in about 4 years, yay!

So I didnʻt actually get anything for him, but while I was out I did think of 2 ideas and Iʻll either get one or the other.

All 3 things are accomplished, a mostly raw dinner has been consumed and its now time to unwind before a long 2 days at work.

I like how today turned out and have already written out my goals for the week and rest of the month. Iʻm also thinking I can modify the process and pick 3 goals at work (besides kitchen cooking, daily stuff) to accomplish per day while Iʻm there or even making it easier by leaving and doing it from home.

What is your to-do list strategy?