Hawaii | Balancing Val - Part 2


Fitness Update: Ending 12/21

Last Sunday, I posted an accountability plan for the week.  One that I would make “appointments” with myself to stay on track as far as my fitness and food goals.  Let’s see how I did . . .

Monday:  Buddhi Yoga

I love this class more than anything, however this week was the first time I contemplated leaving it early.  It’s not that the class wasn’t good, its that my energy was drained at the core.  This is probably TMI but when I am 10 days out from that time of the month, I have a few days where I literally zombie my way through life.  All I want to do is sleep and no amount of caffeine in the world could help. Either way, I am glad I went and got some sweat on.



Tuesday: PM walk/jog

Monday’s zombiefog rolled into Tuesday.  It was incredibly apparent at work and throughout the rest of my day. I contemplated skipping my run because just like the previous night, I knew I wasn’t really going to be able to give it my all. 10 minutes before I my go time window, I decided to just head out for a nice grounding walk along the beach at the very least and that I did.  I only really jogged for a few minutes and when I was running out of time in cross walks, but I definitely feel better for accomplishing SOMETHING and not giving up.


Wednesday: GYM – Kayla Itsines Workout + 30 minutes spinning

I mentioned this in my 5 thoughts post, but I accomplished one of Kayla’s circuit style workouts and really enjoyed the fast paced, short + sweet nature.  I do like lifting heavier much better but it has inspired me to add some of these types of workouts to my rotation.



Thursday: OFF

This was a planned rest day, but I really felt like it was needed.  I have been abnormally tired all week and I have to say it felt so much better to KNOW I planned to rest and actually do it then try all day to convince myself that I should be working out.


Friday: OFF

This was also a rest day, but it’s because I never work out on my 24 hour fasting day.  Unfortunately, for the first time in a while, I totally failed my fast day. It started out well but I had coffee almost immediately and then it rolled down hill to the point where i was eating full meals.  My body was definitely not in the mood for it this week but I think it was partly my mind egging it on knowing that a 3 day cleanse is ahead next week.

Saturday: Gym – Full Body Heavy Lifting

I was actually pretty excited to get a lifting session in on Saturday.  I had a great breakfast and plenty of people from instagram pumping me up only to get to the gym with no headphones!  I contemplated going out to buy some, but I knew it would be harder to get back.  Instead I lifted sans distraction and I actually enjoyed it a lot!  There was no time to fuss with music and I cold 100% focus on my lifts.  Cardio afterwards was a different story . . . Even though I jumped on the spin bike without music, I had to pee SO bad and the restroom was closed for HOURS for cleaning.  Every turn of the pedal was agonizing, so it only took 2 minutes before I jetted off to target.  Either way, I am super proud of that lift and I feel it all over today!

Sunday: 6 mile walk into town

Saturday night, my husband and I definitely indulged on a meal out and some delicious margaritas.  Every second was worth it, especially since even though he is “back” for a little bit he is still working like crazy.  We planned to go out to our favorite bar for more drinks and to dance but we both were pretty exhausted after a long after dinner walk and called it a night where we just hung out at home.  This made it easier for the both of us to wake up a bit before 8am, have breakfast and hang out before he had to go back to work. I knew I had to do some shopping and that I owed myself yesterdays cardio, so I decided to walk into Waikiki to check out some stores that I normally don’t go to and then take the bus back if I had too many bags.  Turns out I only picked up a few things (2 small christmas gifts for mike and a few things from VS I used my merch. credit for).  On the way back I was super hungry so I stopped at a small health food cafe that I haven’t been to and ate a delicious turkey avocado sandwich on gluten free bread.

IMG_5584.JPGWhen I finally got home, I clocked in 6 miles!



I’m pretty proud of sticking to everything this week even though I made some adjustments along the way. Next week is going to be a bit more interesting as the last 3 days of the week are reserved for cleansing.  Any activity during that time will consist of long walks at the very most. For the first 4 days I do have my usual monday yoga class, 2 gym sessions and a Christmas morning hike!

I also am drumming up a plan to help myself make the best choices while we are away for New Years and my birthday.  I do plan to indulge a lot as there is a lot to celebrate!  But I also need to make sure I set myself up for success as much as possible if that means making the best choice day by day and meal by meal.

What are your best tips on staying healthy during celebratory times? 

Meals Lately

Over the summer and leading into the fall, my husband and I would go out to eat A LOT. Buying food in general on this island is costly . . . going OUT for it is even worse.  A casual dinner out for 2  usually costs about $60-$80 not including adult beverages. This doesn’t include quick lunches or trips or our many Whole Foods hot bar nights.

Before Mike left for a long underway, I made the mistake of calculating how much we spent on meals out in a month’s time and the results were TERRIFYING!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going out to eat and trying new places, but I can’t help but think about how better that money could be spent and how it’s such a shame that I am wasting precious creativity as cooking random meals is one of my favorite things to do.  (chef-hello!)

I want to write a post about how I meal plan in more detail, but in a nut shell it goes like this.  I write down all ingredients we have on hand already.  This usually consists of frozen animal proteins (chicken, ground beef, turkey) and then I hit up the pantry where all of the grains I’ve had for great ideas that never came to fruition live.

Once that list is complete, I stumble upon the Pinterest gods and type in ideas based on what I have. For instance, if I have a package of ground turkey I will put something like “healthy ground turkey dinners” in the search bar and see what comes up.  This usually avalanches to other posts and other ideas to the point where I nail down at least 2 ideas based on 1 protein or grain.  I like using one meals ingredients to roll into another meal as there is only two and a half of us (roommate).


After organizing my lists and shopping for ingredients, I plan out the week based on our schedules.  Even if my husband is “home” he still has 2 days a week where he is at work for 24 hours.  One of those nights I choose my 24 hour fast as I want to enjoy as we want to enjoy as many dinners together as possible.

I get some wild things cooked up and love testing my limits.  Other times I stick with the same staples which is ok too.  The whole point of this post was to show you what I’ve been cooking up lately so here we go.

Stuffed mushroom caps with a side salad and sweet potato rounds


Spaghetti Squash with cranberry turkey meatballs and gluten free garlic bread


Random Salads (chicken, goat cheese, avocado, romaine)


Sauteed Kale +Mushrooms with Sweet Potato Mash and Organic Chicken Breast


And when we finally had time for a date night, we tried out a new amazing Mexican place and feasted on indulgent food and a pitcher of pomegranate margaritas.


Tonight we are going to pull back a bit as we are both feeling bloated and out of sorts even though it was well worth it!  I have enough stuff to make a shrimp caesar salad with gluten free croutons.

As for the rest of the week, dinner is only needed to be cooked for 2 days out of the week, one of them being Christmas eve.  Mike works tomorrow and Christmas day *tear* , but after that we are indulging in a 3 day juice cleanse! We’re both excited to feel like superheros again.