Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 8

Happy Saturday!

I have a short update today since it turned out to be a pretty lazy one.  In fact, I didn’t even want to post because I was embarrassed that I had all these grand plans for my day off and I didn’t once leave the house.  At the same time I am trying to honor rest and I know the things I have to do will get done tomorrow or during the week.

Cheers to trying not to feel guilty!

On the program front, I still stuck to everything I planned.  I took weight and progress pictures in the morning, juiced some wheat grass and did my weekly enema.  I even made myself a hot breakfast of banana coconut oats.


After that I got caught up cleaning a bit and watching some vloggers.  I did a hot and cold shower, ate some salad for lunch, got ready to go out and just didnt . . . instead I worked on a coconut butter recipe.


I should have it up this week.

Then something weird happened.  I got SO sleepy and drained.  It was around the time I usually take a nap so I figured it was just habit but then I realized that my body just felt weak. I did a weights session yesterday and I mentioned how I always feel ravenous the day after them as my body is trying to repair the muscle it broke down.  On those days I crave animal protein like NO OTHER and I know deep down that it’s a primal signal that I need it.  This time I just took a nap and felt better but next week I am probably going to add a serving of white fish the day after training and see how I feel.

Would it be cheating or breaking the cleanse?  Absolutely not.  The point of this cleanse is to wipe the slate clean and recognize these things so that I know exactly how my body functions and what it needs. This just means that from now on I know that my body probably functions BETTER with some animal protein especially after a weight session.  I could choose to have meat every day all the time if it made me feel good but I am choosing to make these decisions with myself.

I had 2 energy bites before having two long and important phone conversations with two different ladies, one of them being my sister. Today marks 6 months since my father passed and it’s been a little rough just thinking of the little things that pop up.  This holiday season is not going to be easy :(

I planned to go for a run around 6 but got off the phone too late and didn’t really feel hungry for dinner which makes sense since I wasn’t very physically active today.  I decided to eat a summer roll I made a few days ago that totally started falling apart.


Most of my food is NOT Instagram worthy for sure . . .

I’ll be sipping on some kombucha for the rest of the night, writing my thank you’s, meditating and then watching more vlogs till I fall asleep.

Work in the AM tomorrow though I am expecting it to be a short day.  Hoping to write a better recap tomorrow having had accomplished more ;)

Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 7 + Week 1 Recap

Week 1 Recap 

Week 1 of 3 is officially complete!  I am definitely over a lot of the usual detox symptoms and am starting to feel that clean crisp clarity that I knew was always possible if I stuck through it all.

I did face a lot of challenges this week which made for a rocky start.  For one thing, my husband being away and then appearing in Alaska where I couldn’t physically BE with him was tough on both of us.  We’re still learning to navigate how military life works for us and how we’re going to deal with all of this in the most positive way possible for the next couple years.  It’s crazy to think that by this time next year we will start negotiating where we’re headed next!

Physically this week was also tough because of monthly things related to girls that I won’t go in any detail over.  I will say how difficult it is to constantly pick yourself back up when you’re feeling moody and tired and have to force yourself to go out and even exercise.  EVERY time I’ve chosen to rest I didn’t feel guilty for it and every time I chose to push through for my greater good I felt amazing.

Other than that, the detox symptoms were still rampant, especially on my Fasting Day but once you recognize that your body is flooded with toxins that are released, you can accept it and actually listen to your body “talk” to you and connect with yourself.

I feel like I turned a corner in Week one and it can only get better from here.  Even though it doesn’t seem visible to those that see me every day, I have lost a good chunk of weight in the last 3 weeks and a lot of the new clothes I’ve been buying are starting to become baggy.  I tried on some awesome yoga leggings that were a gift from the husband my back side is noticeably smaller which is not what I want or expected.


Tomorrow I will take week 2 progress pictures and dive into the day with a positive attitude.

NOTE:  As I’ve blogged about before, I followed a rough version of this program for nearly two weeks PRIOR to this week.  The weight loss did NOT happen over one week!

Day 7

I did NOT sleep well last night.  I have an idea why, but I was up at 2am with a nervous pit in my stomach that wouldn’t go away. I scrolled online for a bit and tossed and turned only to fall asleep 30 minutes before my alarm went off at 4:20 for work.  I dragged myself out of bed but by the time I was showered and dressed my energy was fine.

I ate another energy bite for breakfast since my hunger level was low and followed up with a juice about 2 hours later.


This was a turmeric tonic with spinach added: coconut water + juiced spinach, green apple, turmeric root, ginger and a bit of lemon.

After finishing up I had another tofu musubi with avocado, a lemonade with beet juice and headed to the gym for a full body weight workout.  Workout looked something like this . . .

Full Body Weight Train

10 minute cardio warm-up on ArcTrainer

Dumbell Squats x3

Dumbell Deadlifts x3

Glute Push Back x3 (each leg)

Barbell Row x3

Straight Arm Push Down x3

Dumbell Bench Press x2

Dumbell Fly x2

Cable Lat Raise x3 (each arm)

Dumbell Bicep Curls while standing on Bosu Ball

Overhead Tricep Extension while standing on Bosu Ball

I really enjoy weight training once a week because I like to mix up all my movements to make sure I am hitting different parts of fitness. Yoga, running and weight training seem to be the combination that is working so I have no problem sticking to that and making changes as needed.

I got home and relaxed after a bit and started working on some things I needed to sell and return which were all clothing gifts that did not fit or are a duplicate.

Speaking of, if you’re interested in purchasing this Lululemon tank for $12 less than it’s sold at the store AND free shipping.  Check it out on ebay HERE. Size 10, new and never worn.


I am putting the profits towards some shorts I’ve been eyeing up . . .

I had a vegan protein shake after the gym and snacked on some chips a bit but I am not really hungry.  I may have a veggie spring roll that I made the other day but don’t plan on having a big meal and I am ok with that since I will probably ravenous tomorrow.  I usually am after a weights session.

Tonight I made plans to watch a movie with the roomie, but I got sucked into a rabbit hole of internet errands and pushed it off until tomorrow.

Day off tomorrow,  I plan to sleep in if I can, do my wheat grass thang, plan this next week ahead and see what else is in store.

Yay for week 1 being done and congrats to everyone following along with me kicking ass :D