Hawaii | Balancing Val - Part 2


Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 10

Gotta make this quick!

Last night I slept TERRIBLY and have no idea why. My stomach was churning and I had the craziest dreams that made no sense and sent me into weird panics. I had a solid 7.5 hours of sleep and my body felt like I only got 2-3 hours.

I still got up and got ready.  This morning I had some cereal to try something different and quick.  I don’t want to do this every morning but I would rather have SOMETHING in my stomach than nothing.


Cinnamon Chex with almond milk did the trick.

At work my energy level was ok but I did have to stop and take a break to eat a tofu musubi to re-check my brain and keep going.


Stayed for a meeting afterwards and planned to take a quick nap before yoga tonight at 8.  I fell asleep HARD and ended up waking up to a slew of text messages, but the most surprising ones were from my husband!

Long story short, I am getting my lulu bag packed up as we speak (type?) and I am off for a very short getaway!


I will have my ipad with me and plan to do some airport blogging, but since I am going to be gone for a very short time, I want to spend every second with Mike so I may do a few day recap.

As far as the cleanse. I DEFINITELY plan to stick to it!  This is real life! Things like this are going to happen and pop up and I cannot just throw my health out the window.  This is something I plan to learn and become an example of.  However, at the same time I do not want to hinder our time together because this happens to be a time where I am being strict so as much as I would like to say I wont, I will probably be enjoying some drinks tomorrow night and whatever else I decide will help keep balancing life with health.

This is truly going to be a test that I fully plan to explain the details of,  but overall I am so excited and so LUCKY that my life allows me to do things like this.  Its too short not to.

Off to the airport <3



Lifestyle Jump Start: Day 9

Going to try and make this quick.  Just as I predicted, today was packed unlike yesterday and now I am left with little time and a bunch of things to do.  I wanted to make sure I committed to blogging each day as much as possible and I am pretty proud I am at day 9!

Woke up fairly energetic, I think. I definitely don’t take care of proper fueling in the morning.  I get that I leave the house at 5:15 every morning, but eating something really quickly in my car is not always going to cut it.  This morning I had 2 energy bites in my car and headed into work.

There wasn’t a lot to do, so I took my time and helped out on the floor a bit but not before a super green lunch. A random creation green juice and a kale salad sans croutons.


At this point I promised myself I would head straight to the pearl harbor area and pick up printer ink and a few things as well as go to the gym. When I got to the exchange it was SO packed and they didn’t have the ink I needed so I ended up leaving empty handed and FORCED myself to get to the gym as my energy levels started to wane.

This gym trip was purely cardio focused since I weight trained the other day and have yoga tomorrow.

Cardio Bunny Workout

30 minutes Treadmill – 5 min warm up, 20 minutes running, 5 minutes high incline walk

10 minutes Arc Trainer – Random

10 minutes Rowing Machine

5 minutes stretching

After, I somehow had the energy to hit up target and purchased said ink as well as some food like gluten free bread, cereal (to help that morning problem) and random popcorn both which were snacked on in the car.

Dinner pulled together quick as I sauteed some mushrooms and pepper that were on its last leg with a little bit of taco seasoning.  I added that, tomato, avocado and cilantro to 3 corn tortillas and ate that while watching Divergent with the roomie.



I forgot how amazing that movie was!

I am in awe not only that today is almost over but that tomorrow I go to yoga and I feel like I JUST went even though it was a whole week ago. I hate to say time is flying by because sometimes it slows down to a screeching halt but if I keep packing my to do list and planning a bunch of things to do, it really does make it seem faster.

I’m really excited for the holidays, birthdays and all the plans I am scheming.

Day 10 tomorrow . . . off to finish the rest of the nights tasks . . .

PS – Energy level today was pretty steadily high.