What do I do after a cleanse? Part I

After 5 days of no food following my 5 Day Juice Cleanse , when I finally was able to eat . . . I wasn’t hungry! In fact I woke up at 2:25AM and got to work at 4am with only slight lulls in energy.

I decided the first thing I would consume would be another hearty smoothie packed with super foods like maca, chia and bee pollen.


Shortly after I sipped on a chia kombucha.


Energy was still going strong but I was getting hungry and I was freezing from spending a couple hours in the office.  I decided that my first solid food meal would be a garden vegetable soup with a bit of nutritional yeast on top.


I sat down and savored it and even left some because I got kinda full!

And even though I couldn’t even think of stomaching another green juice the day before, the mental block lifted and I enjoyed this concoction after work.


By the time I got home, Mike was sleeping but rose quickly knowing it was  time for his first meal (he started half a day later than me) . So we hopped in the car and went to the place where the foods are whole.  He got a slice of pizza and a salad while I got my usual crazy mess of greens and whatever looked good at the time.


We sat outside savoring our bites together and not surprisingly we got full pretty quick.  It took me a good 2 hours before I went back to finish the salad.  I also had a few raw flax crackers and another green smoothie to round out the day.

Let me show you this even though I find it a bit terrifying to put myself out there.


This would count as my before and after in a way.  I took the the left picture on February 1st and the second on the 26th right after my juice cleanse.  I have learned SO much this time around and I really am all about keeping myself striving towards the best I can be in my body, mind and spirit.

So how in the world do I do that?

How do I come off a juice cleanse and not ruin all my hard work?

I am determined to find out . . . .


As in the care or upkeep of something. A property, a restaurant, a lifestyle change.

I’ll never forget talking to a patient about her then recent weight loss.  She would come in thinner and happier every week.  It was an inspiring journey to follow.  She had a plan, she had her rules and she had a destination.  Over time she reached her destination and then . . . she had ZERO idea what to do. She told me at that point she knew everything to the moon and back about LOSING weight but didn’t have the slightest idea about how to keep herself there and healthy.

So many times in our health we run into these challenges.  The thrill of doing something different to better yourself plucks you out of your every day life and gives you a new perspective, a new focus and a new ways to learn about what you individually need to feel your best.  But by the time its over,  and X amount of weight is lost or your 3 months of p90X are complete, most of us go back to our old ways largely because what you HAD been doing has turned into somewhat of a default for your body, mind and life!

The key to keeping this from happening is to simply NOT have a destination at all. When you make a real commitment to figuring out what you need to do to make YOU the best YOU, you have to continually break through patterns of comfort and more importantly LISTEN to what is going on and be HONEST about what it is that you need.

Once you figure out that certain things work or certain things aren’t for you, they need to be dealt with on a gradual basis.  And then, life will always be happening.  The body changes because we get older, we change careers, we change environments and we change a whole host of other things that causes different chemical and emotional reactions in the body changing what works constantly.

I bring this up because my career (and life) has a big to do with health challenges, juice cleansing as the most extreme.  I believe in them 100% but more difficult challenges require more upkeep and commitment.  One of the fascinating aspects of a juice cleanse is that it is not only detoxing you, its giving you a clean slate to start back on. From this point forward, you will be able to introduce yourself back into a lifestyle that makes you feel your best.

In part 2 I will give some more insight on dietary and movement suggestions for coming off of a cleanse.

5 Day Juice Cleanse

Hi Friends!

More and more people are starting to notice how many crazy ‘challenges’ I decide to attempt. Truth is, I have been doing this since I was fresh out of high school in my personal training/body building days (yes, thats correct).

I’m a sucker for the fresh start of a new challenge, organizing the days, the food prep and the psyching myself up. I also love to see what changes my body makes and more importantly my mind. The greatest experiments are the ones that show the direct correlation between the fuel you consume and how it affects your energy, your mood and the overall positivity of your life. This of course comes after a detox period of usually a few days.

I also like to do these things because I’m in the biz. The things I create and the experiments I partake in help me become a better healing foods chef and a better visionary for a growing holistic company.

Experiments + Challenges = CREATION!

With that said . . . My interesting eats will be coming to an end for 5 whole days because we (my fiance, myself and juliann) are doing a 5 day juice cleanse!


I drink juice most every day. In fact, not too long ago I was on a kick where I would do one 24 hour green juice fast every week. You know, the one during my yearly purification cleanse. I have not done a juice cleanse in a long time while Mike has never done one at all.

I jumped all over the fact that he even thought about completing one. I’m not surprised though, all the talk, newspaper articles and news segments about Blue Tree Cleanses are turning skeptics into green juice junkies every single day.

From what I learned and what I know, I developed a 5 day cleanse for us to do that includes a few juices, a smoothie and kombucha to end the day. It just so happens that we are re-vamping our programs so some of these things could end up being a part of our next cleanse development phase.

Tomorrow after work, there are a few more things we need to purchase like jars and cashews (for cinnamon cashew milk) and we will officially begin!

Juice cleansing gives your body a great shot at releasing stored toxins that drag your life dowwwwn. It also gives you a personal chance to see what your life is like when it does not revolve around food. It also will give us all a chance to reboot for the crazy adventures ahead and so all of  us simply cannot afford to NOT be at our best selves.

To pass the time, we both have individual hobbies to keep us busy as well as beautiful beaches to go to that will hopefully make those detox headaches a bit more bearable. With the extra time, I would like to rest first and foremost when I need it. Naps are essential for me during the process. When my energy rolls back in, I’d like to deep clean or organize an area of the apartment, work on organizing some Blue Tree tasks and of course have the goal of blogging each day.