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Tuesday Morning Chef II

A while back I had you take a look into my kitchen on Tuesday mornings to see how I prepare a bunch of food for the week.  Since then, its still hopping here on Tuesday mornings but its never the same things being made.


For instance, today was very random.


I started out making a batch of Cocoa Crusted Almonds.


I’m totally aware what they look like but believe me they taste nothing like crap (heh).  I will post the recipe later this week!


Then I moved on to my Black Beans


I had these guys soaking overnight and then stuck them in the crockpot the next night for about 8 hours on high.  I added some homemade cilantro lime marinade to the water for a better flavor and it worked.  I will use these for salads, wraps and probably some other crazy creation.


And last but not least . . . Kale Crisps.


I’ll tell you more about my awesome dehydrator steal in another post, but for right now I am experimenting with flavors and crispness of Kale until I get it right before I show you. In fact, maybe I will do a video post! . . . we can dream right? Either way It’s a pretty healthy experiment!


And that’s all for this morning.  Seeing it all like this makes it seem like nothing but it did take a while to get all this stuff done.


The remainder of my day will be spent doing some much needed blog work, going to the post office and heading off to school for flourless and frozen class!


Do you prepare most of your food one one day a week?  Whats your system?

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