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So . . . I feel like I have definitely overwhelmed myself with the long list of things to accomplish on my Fall Underway Bucket List.  I think I have an attention problem when it comes to these things. I start working down one road and then all of the sudden I find myself in an internet rabbit hole of comparing myself to others, having identity crisis and feeling like I am so far behind.

The good thing about this is that I would MUCH rather feel overwhelmed and inspired instead of lazy and lackluster. I am working on things, but I think I need to organize my free time better.

This giant, weekly, color-coded calendar should help!


Even though I don’t feel like I am doing things “right”, at least I am doing them. For instance, I was able to write 3900 words of my Lifestyle Jumpstart Program!


I haven’t quite settled on a name, but this would be year number 3 and it keeps getting better and better!  So much so that I have decided to type up all the details and checklists down so that one day soon, I can turn it into an ebook and share this information with others.  Right now, its a mad rush to get the bare bones down so I can send it out to the 5 or 6 of us that will be participating with me this year starting November 1st. I’ll be documenting it again this year with hopefully even more detail.

In a nutshell, the Lifestyle Jumpstart is a 3 week program designed to give your body and mind a jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle.  If you have ever wanted to learn how bridge the gap between yourself RIGHT NOW and the start of a healthy lifestyle, this is what you need to do.  The program cuts out all foods and habits that your body finds difficult and it also incorporates practices to help you refresh your body and mind using simple health tools.

Check out last years journey on my WEIGHT LOSS page.

Because it’s only 2 short weeks away, I have started growing 2 trays of wheat grass to use for almost daily shots and wheat grass enemas.


 . . you read that right . . .

The wheels are also turning about documenting how to grow wheat grass for another possible ebook, too!

On a personal note, the husband and I had a really nice dinner the other night.  This was a welcome surprise since we’ve really been striking out on the meals out and getting poor food and/or service. Of course, sometimes the best things come together when you don’t plan them.  Food and service were great, it just happened to be sunset and I even found parking close to the restaurant which for me is unheard of.


I’m really going to miss having him around the next couple months, but I know we both will be busy working on our futures and will come out stronger on the other side.

In the meantime, back to work!


Subwife Series: Fall Underway Bucket List

I’ve been pretty lucky the last year or so to not feel too many negative effects of being a submariners wife or military wife in general.  Sure, we can’t ever make solid plans, duty days suck and my husband and I never actually know when he is coming home, but I would take that any day over being apart from him for extended chunks of time with very limited communication.

But, as I’ve been mentioning, the next 2 years of our marriage are going to be just that and wow, it already sucks. In all honesty, the times we have been away from each other have only lasted up to 3 weeks or so, but this one coming up in the very near future (cannot say exactly when) is going to take us through a good chunk of the season.

I’m scared, nervous, sad, angry and super anxious for it to start so that it could just be over with already. The anticipation and anxiety that starts around this time is really something I have to work on though I do know that it doesn’t ever stop . . . it just becomes more tolerable.

My goal is to be as positive as possible which I know isn’t always going to happen, and rightfully so. All of my time in Hawaii I have spent being an independent, ambitious woman and so I still have those roots to connect back with.

I do know that keeping busy and distracted is a MUST. It’s funny how time feels like it passes slow or fast depending on what is going on in your life, but in reality it passes the same amount each time.  Perception, I guess.

I have a full-time executive chef gig to keep a big chunk of my days occupied, but I wanted to compile a list of things I want to accomplish on the personal side so I can use this time wisely and not take it for granted.

Get one shirt printed and ready to sell.  This was a goal in my last post, but I am putting it here too.  This is NOT really a hard thing for me to accomplish.  I must take the fear out of it and just do it!

Detox  + Weight Loss Cleanse.  Again, this is another goal from my last post.  Basically, every year I take 3 weeks before thanksgiving where I totally clean up my diet and focus on a hefty amount of self-care to give my body and mind a jumpstart into the new year. I have been able to keep off 20 pounds in the last 1.5 years by using what I have learned and I want to continue to keep improving on this.

Pack Up. I really like the apartment we are in now, even with a roommate. The plan for all of us was to stay one more year together before moving on to having a place for just the two of us, but military life turned that plan around by giving my roommate orders off the island.  I am very excited to settle in a new place and make it our own, but I am also anxious about finding the RIGHT place since we will have minimal time to do it before Mike gets home and our lease is up.  Still, I am happy we get to do it together!

$AVE– I’ve written a lot of posts about money and budgeting, and I even started a series on money and marriage. I can get into details later but for now the update is that we’re doing OK with the transition. We still overspend a lot on things we don’t really *need* and Mike and I have totally different spending habits but we are definitely communicating and adjusting every step of the way. So anyway, because he will be away and not spending anything on gas or food or any randomness, it’s a perfect chance for us to catch up on our lofty savings goal and to have enough to furnish our new digs in a few months.

2 Massages – good (non-creepy) massages in Hawaii are one (of probably two) things that are cheaper here than on the mainland. We found an awesome place that is super cheap even with tip. I’m making sure I get two of these as part of general self care and to give myself another thing to look forward to so that time speeds up a bit.

That’s definitely enough to tackle for the time span I’m looking at. All this won’t keep me from missing my husband like crazy, nor do I want it to because it’s definitely healthy. If I ever stop being sad about him leaving or stop missing him, there’s a huge problem! I’m as ready as I can be for the challenge.

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