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ok, so now that everyone and their mother has instagram . . . (ps- are you following me @balancingval?) and i dont know what to write, i decided to pull some random pics from my phone for a little update action.

– – –

ive always been a WRITER . . . as in pen and paper and planners and to-do lists. however, with two amazing jobs and the fact that there is NO reason for me hold off on my other projects, i really need to get with the times and be a bit more digital. so ive bought a good calander/planner app and did some orgamanizing.





i get the privledge of eating and coooking with delicious organic produce 4x a week at my job and i cant WAIT to get into a groove with my own routine. this smoothie had spinach, pea protein, hemp seeds, chia seeds, banana, almond butter and some coconut oil.


i mentioned my main job was in walking distance, right? im so incredibly happy for that fact. so happy that i actually dont even NEED a car until my other business ventures are worked on. however, the bus is unreliable at best and with this puppy i can get more places. the problem is that i live on a HUGE valley with hills everywhere so i find myself walking my bike up a lot of them anyway . . .  especially with backpacks full of groceries. *sweat*



beautiful veggie tray i made at work along with a side of hummus spiked with a little paprika and turmeric.


snapshot of my neighborhood.


this is my apron. isnt it awesome!!?? my dear friend katy made it as a housewarming gift. im definitely contracting her to make more!


to celebrate the job and katy & pauls wedding, we went out for karaoke and had an amazing night! i sung 8 songs and one of those was with marc! here is kia and i living it up.


so, one of the reasons i havent been blogging much is that its really a pain in the ass to get pictures from my phone onto here. they have to go through windows then for some reason live writer gives me shit and before i know it they are being loaded in 3 different places before i get a post up here. luckily they improved the wordpress blogging app and i can now easily go from farm to table (wait, what?) which hopefully means more updates!

much love!

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