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King Sized Gift

Back in January when we got a Queen Sized Gift. IMG_7563

Well, recently . . . we kicked out the queen and made room for the King!


One advantage that Chris has working in a “snazzy” condo on the shore is that people are getting rid of good quality stuff all the time.  We have been lucky enough to get a nice class kitchen set, toaster oven and now a King sized bed! 

I was very hesitant to change beds right away, especially after we spent our hard earned money on the queen, but I must say, sleeping in this is MUCH better.  Much more room and support!

We tried to give away the old bed to family and friends but we had no takers!  So I am going to try and list in on Craigslist for half the price and see what happens.

I’m not sure if it’s the bed, but I have been sleeping a lot more than usual.  This time, instead of fighting against it and thinking something is wrong with me, I am just letting it happen. Obviously my body is craving rest for a reason so might as well give it what it wants, right?


Nearly 2 weeks ago, I went grocery shopping and vowed to make it 2 weeks on $100 worth of food.  And even though our fridge looks pretty sad (and dirty) . . IMG_0201

I am making it happen!  All it takes is a little bit of planning and organization and the willingness to get creative and use what you have.


– – –


It seems as if my blogging focus is forever changing,  just as the blogs I enjoy do.  For some reason, I feel a lot of pressure to just post food related things.  But just because I am going to school to become a chef, doesn’t mean  there aren’t other things going on in that I would like to share instead.  THIS particular blog is my journey to balance and beyond and I have to accept that the flow of energy is always going to be changing around here and that is completely OK as there is no mold that this blog needs to fit in.


With that said, food really IS a big part of my life . . . the recipes, the different meals the creation, the emotional/intuitive aspects, etc. and I really miss working more closely with all of it.  But sometimes, life gives you the chance (if you let it) to take a back seat to what you love doing to allow you to work on things that need to be worked on (if your brave) so you can come out ready to roll on the other side.


Im getting there Smile


Besides it’s a beautiful time of year which makes life more exciting.  Its warm, colorful, fresh and its also smoothie season!


How big a role does food play in your life?  Do you feel pressure to keep your blog  a certain fit?

Meet Brock



Hey friends!  Meet Brock . . . You’ll get to know him better in the future, but he just wanted to say Hello!


This week’s question was a bit tough for me too. But I would have to go with the first option.  Working in a chiropractic office allows me to see the product of the people who take care of themselves naturally and the condition of people that don’t and use drugs and surgeries. I’m not sure I can live authentically knowing that there is better way than pumping people full of dangerous drugs and hacking them up.  I also don’t have kids or a husband right now and I do not have anyone relying on my money for support.


What Else? . . .

Speaking of working for a Chiropractor . . . look who got adjusted yesterday? (serious)


While out shopping I found this pretty neat beach towel.  It made me laugh & made me appreciate that blogging is very much becoming a real profession!


Caroline gave me some homemade coconut butter and I cant get enough!  I really wish I had the top to my food processor so I can make my own because the blender is not cutting it!  I must find a way!!


I’ve been a little obsessed with coffee lately.  I have had a cup every day and even had 2 yesterday!  Good thing they are half-caff!


Last but not least, I am proud to say that operation Meals @ Home has so far been a success . . . even if its only been 48 hours!

Here are some recent eats . . .


Cheeseburger with homemade chili garlic fries (burger from Omaha steaks)


Overnight Oats with sinful coconut butter mentioned above.


Homemade veggie pizza with side salad.


Wrap with tempeh & red pepper sauce with homemade chili garlic fries.


Snackage . . . apple + carrot sticks with sunbutter for dipping.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Quick Note:  I was wondering if you guys had any questions you want to post for Would You Rather in the coming weeks.  Anything related to health, authentic living, money, blogging etc. would be great!  Email me at if you got one!

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