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My Exercise Arsenal

Its no secret that since I have started school, my fitness  has plummeted to the lowest levels I have seen in years.  Honestly, its pretty embarrassing to me but I did endure many life changes in the past 7 months and just couldn’t find anything that worked for me.


Usually I’ll pick a thing.  Running was my big thing last year and the years before it was weightlifting.  As into those things as I was, I really found them to be less joyful when I started competing against myself and taking it more serious.


I’m happy to say that the last few weeks I have been active on my own time and doing what feels intuitive.  What I am finding is that I like variety and the choice to do whatever I want on my own terms which is why I will for now on use My Exercise Arsenal.


Weight Training

Believe it or not, at one point in my life I was seriously training for a Figure/Bodybuilding show back when I was a personal trainer.  And although I do have the muscular large framed body for it, it was the dieting that stopped me in the end.  I still appreciate a good weight workout and it really does help round everything out and keep me strong.


I have been doing this DVD which I will also mix with my own weight workouts.





Most of my day is spent standing in a kitchen or a chiropractic office.  Couple that with sitting on an uncomfortable train and you have a girl who is screaming out for yoga!  I actually am growing pretty fond of practicing all different things.  It does a lot for my tension and flexibility and also helps with calming my mind and bringing a little peace to my day.

A classmate suggested I join My Yoga Online and I LOVE it!  Just $10 a month gives you access to unlimited videos for all levels of people and so much more.  I often use the meditation programs a lot when I’m having a stressful day or to get to sleep.myyoga


The Great Outdoors

I really want to make it a point to spend as much time outdoors as I can this summer. This type of exercise really speaks to me the most. Whether I am walking, hiking, or running . . . there’s nothing that beats the feeling of being outside in nature.



And there you have it.  My 3 things Smile


What are your plans for joyful exercise this summer?

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