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Business Man

Well its getting dangerously close to my Saturday night bedtime, but I wanted to make sure I checked in here because I really miss blogging regularly!


Today was a busy day that contained work, laundry, shopping with mom, dinner with the family and food prep for the week ahead.  All the while having more business ideas pop into my head coupled with anxiety about when I will ever have the time to make all of this happen.


Maybe I should take some advice from Ozzy, he looks like a smart business man . . . am I right?


Fittingly enough, tomorrow we have our last class in the Business series and I am definitely looking forward to it.  After that we have our Pastry demo and lecture. 


Tomorrow’s Eats . . .


Strawberry overnight oats with chia seeds & almond butter.


A heap of navel orange slices.


A serving of roasted sweet potatoes and onions.


Also not pictured is a small salad and of course my Sunday morning coffee from Starbucks.


Shower and sleep time . . .


Ever feel so overwhelmed with ideas about your future?  How do you sort them?


I guess blog-land is not in a commenting mood lately.  I cant say I blame anyone, it hasn’t been easy to comment on other blogs for me either.  I’m not giving up on the Would You Rather Series Winking smile!


Thanks McKella for giving her opinion.  Its funny, when Chris saw the question he said “duh! that’s a no brainer . . . everyone is going to pick the miracle pill!”  I told him that my readers are smarter than that.


I agree with her response.  Although taking a miracle pill will get you vibrant and healthy . . . there’s no chance that you would STAY healthy especially since you didn’t do all that hard work in your body AND mind to get there.


Stay tuned for next Friday’s question . . . it’s a good one!


Today is pretty dark and creepy . . .


Lots of heavy rain, clouds and wind.  I wanted to go to the Earth Day festival, but since its outdoors . . . it got moved to tomorrow which I obviously can’t go to as I don’t want to play hookie again.


I worked this AM and came home to end up doing something I never in a million years thought would happen. WE CLEANED SOME OF THE APARTMENT!  Chris was on board to set a timer for 1 hour and we would just clean whatever we could during that time.  We got a lot of groundwork done for a deeper cleaning which I am hoping to get done this week.


After lazing around a bit, we decided to head out to grab a bite to eat.  I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond because I had a $5 off $15 coupon almost to expire.  I needed some coffee.  I was dead set on getting some decaf because I wanted to completely switch over, but then I saw half-caff cups!  I usually get my coffee half-caff when I am out and now I’m excited to make them this way at home!IMG_0015

I also picked up a cute blogging plate to round out the $15.


Chris headed out early to hang out with his friends so I am enjoying the time catching up on books and blogs I haven’t been able to get to.  Tomorrow I have school and then I have a good chunk of days off in the coming week!


Tomorrows Eats . . .


Overnight Oats (breakfast) & homemade oatmeal bar (snack)



Chicken & Veggies In a Red Thai Curry sauce with Quinoa


That’s all I’m bringing.  Tomorrow is Pasta class so I’m sure I wont go hungry Open-mouthed smile

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