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Perfect Day For A Soup Feast

Yesterday was bone chilling cold.  I thought the days of wearing gloves and not being able to feel my feet were over but I thought wrong . . . it was a tough walk to school yesterday.


Good news is, it ended up being a perfect day for a soup feast!


Class was all about the soups and stews.  There were about 12 recipes to make and 12 of us so we each got to make something.


I was responsible for the Borscht.  Now, I love me some beets but for some reason, Borscht doesn’t jive well with me.  It is pretty though . . .



I also made some Tofu Sour Cream to dollop on top.


It helped, but it still tasted like a bowl of earthy dirt to me. 


Everything else was amazing too.  We had mushroom ragout, lemony lentil soup, sesame broth soup, onion soup, hearty vegetable stew, potato and watercress soup just to name a few.


I have the recipes for all and I plan on making some of them.


Soups are great because they have a lot of nutrients that leech out from vegetables or meats.  They also freeze very well and don’t cost a lot to make huge portions.


I took home some onion soup with mushroom ragout and a bit of vegetable cassolet (vegetable casserole) topped with mushroom barley soup.


Made an excellent lunch topped with yesterdays sausage crumbles and spicy chickpea snack.



See those big purple things?  Fava Beans . . . first time for everything Smile


I still have enough leftovers for ~ 2 meals!!


I have a big post in the works about my new way of eating that I cant wait to share. So stay tuned!


What is your favorite soup or stew?

Down Again

I’m alive!  . . . but barely


On Thursday morning I awoke with my throat feeling like someone scratched it up over and over with sand paper.  I remember thinking how much that sucked, but I could handle a sore throat.


Throughout the day, I wasn’t hungry at all which is very strange for me.  I head into the city and decided to get some soup and iced tea to keep hydrated and coat my throat.


I went to school and got my extra curricular hours in and stopped for some mint tea on the way to the train.  The train was so crowded with rush hour people who were sneezing and coughing.  It was very uncomfortable.


When I did make it home, things got worse.  I started burning up and feeling freezing cold at the same time.  It was a very familiar feeling to the unplanned sick day I had not too long ago.


I fell asleep for a while but around 3:20 am I found myself crying and squirming around just trying to find a position that wouldn’t make me feel like I was in a frozen tundra.  This lasted until I had to get up for work.


I was hysterical because I didn’t want to miss it again but there was no way I could last 5.5 hours feeling like this.  I went in anyway and was sent home in an hour.  In 3 years this was the 2nd time I have done this and it just happened to be in the same 30 day span.


I spent most of the day in bed taking naps.  By the end of the night, the fever was finally finished but my throat felt worse than ever. I did regain somewhat of an appetite and stopped for my usual “sick food”  A mini turkey sub and the biggest fountain cherry coke I could find.IMG_2717


I also took a load of laundry to my parents of all my coats, bags and purses that normally go into the city with me so I can wash the germs out.


As of right now, my glands are swollen and I have a pounding clogging headache that is causing one of my ears to throb like there is a heartbeat in it! I just feel like garbage overall and still weak.


I researched my symptoms and it looks like I have a case of strep throat.  I’m not one to take antibiotics unless I absolutely have to so I am just making sure I take naps, drink a lot of fluids and take it easy.


I’m pretty frustrated. 


I thought my immune system was stronger than this and yet in the past month this is the 3rd time I have been sick!  I realize that I am traveling to a place with a high amount of germs but this cant keep happening!!


Even worse, it looks like tomorrow I will be missing school. Sad smile  I doubt I will be feeling much better. We are technically not allowed to go into school if we are contagious (which is good) but I really would hate missing a full 8 hours and tomorrow is class is about How to Teach and Seitan.


Hoping for a miracle here Freezing

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