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spam in hawaii

spam jam

aloha from waikiki! well, im not there now . . . but i was this weekend for the 10th annual spam jam festival. spam is a pretty big deal here and i know that its definitely scoffed at in my line of work, but thats kind of what sets me apart from other chefs in my field. ill try anything and i like most foods even if they are bad for you.

a bunch of tents were set up on one of the main roads here where a bunch of vendors sold spam gear and other random things.  it was PACKED!


the event was for the food bank of hawaii. spam flavored macadamia nuts were . . . there.


a lot of popular restaurants came out and made some signature dishes using spam. there was a bunch i wanted to try, but by the time i did the lines were way too long. luckily i snagged a spam ice pop when we first got there. it had mango, pineapple, banana and little chunks of salty spam. gag all you want! it was pretty good and i totally appreciate crazy flavor combinations.

20120430-072051.jpgthe skies got dark and the festival was still hopping. we decided to head to cheesecake factory for dinner to top the night off.


cheers to spam and friends!