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Beauty Post Round-Up

What do you think of when you hear the word Beauty? 

That was the question I asked this month as the host of the Self Discovery Word By Word Blogger Series.



What I love about being able to host this series is that I get to see the perspective of the bloggers that participate.  And in reading all your posts I learned that there is a common thread through all of them which is that Beauty = REAL.  All of you showed that you don’t believe the plasticky definition of beauty that most of the world tries to shove down are throat and that is awesome!

Here are some beautiful bloggers who blogged about Beauty . . .

Weightless3 Body Image Myths We Keep Believing

Medicinal MarzipanHow To Feel Beautiful

Mind, Body & ScrollBeauty: Owning It

Miss Mary MaxBeautiful, Girly, and Other Words What Disconcert

Nourishing The SoulWhy I Get Tired Of “You Are Beautiful!”

Debbie ScribbleBeauty

Recovering Inspiring’sBeing Beautiful Does Not Mean You Have Beauty


Dieting HappyBeauty – It’s Personal

Listen To Your Body FlowOn Beauty

. . . and my series kick-off post The ‘Beautiful’ Bloggers


Thanks to Ashley for letting me host this month. I hope you all enjoy these posts and let us know  you did!  Encourage comments, subscribe to blogs and newsletters.  Be heard!  Be Beautiful!

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