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Trouble with our Military Marriage | Military Wife Rant

There are a lot of emotions you go through as a military wife. There are tearful goodbyes, lonely times and sweet reunions over and over that keep you going. One of the things about being a military wife that is not talked about much is how much you truly give up for your partner to have the job they have.

I am willing to admit the trouble with our marriage that stems from the fact that I have been held back in my life in a lot of ways. I have had a career and opportunities that I had to turn down or become less a part of because my husbands job is more important than my professional life. Unfortunately, at times it is more important than a lot of things that should be sacred in a marriage.

In a depressed, low and weak moment, I express my feelings on this subject and found so many other women in the comments that feel the same. It was incredibly refreshing to know that none of us are alone and that finding a balance in it all is key.

Enjoy my Military Wife Rant

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