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Declutter My Closet | The KonMari Method

For most of my life, I was a pack rat. 

That statement is even hard for ME to believe at this point.  Ever since moving to Hawaii with nothing and shuffling myself around different living situations, I have had to declutter in a major way. I found that there were a lot of positives to living with less and the more I got rid of, the more I valued what I actually had and actually used.

Fast forward to starting to get ready for our PCS to Charleston SC from Hawaii. I wanted to make sure my husband and I purged as much as possible before starting over in a new place. I decided I would start with my stuff and I also decided I would start with The KonMari method when it came to my closet full of clothes both which I loved and which I knew a lot of wasn’t right for me anymore.

In short, the KonMari method is a way to declutter that forces you to pick up the item in question, feel its energy and ask yourself a few important questions about whether it still has a place of value in your life. It also forces you to realize what you truly deserve which is a closet of clothes that fit you well and make you feel good.

In this video, I declutter my closet using the KonMari method and make some easy decisions as well as some tough emotional ones.

Have you used the KonMari method to declutter parts of your life?

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